The Best Places to Find Used Sewing Machines

It’s vital to have a sewing machine in your home. These equipment come in handy when you need to work on a sewing project that you’ve been postponing for months.

You can also use it to mend your torn dress or to patch up your husband’s worn-out work overall. Some people prefer working with vintage sewing machines because of their consistent performance and robust design.

Others love newer models because they handle the more recent fabrics better. Whatever your preference, it’s possible to find used sewing machines that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Here are some of the best places to look.

Where to Find Used Sewing Machines

  • A thrift store

The best place to start looking is your local thrift shop. You can get virtually anything from a thrift shop, including that sewing machine you’ve been dying to own.

It’s not guaranteed that you’ll get a machine that is in perfect condition. However, you’ll definitely purchase it at a throwaway price. Once you get it, the best thing would be to take it to a dependable repair shop that specifically deals with sewing machine repairs.

The experts there will look it over and perform all the necessary fixes to ensure that it’s in great working condition.
You’ll manage to do all this with the little funds that you’ve set aside for the cause.

Who knows, you might even save more than half the retail value of the sewing machine. However, be careful when making such purchases. Ensure that the product you get is worth your while. The sewing machine should not be so beat that it’s practically falling apart on its own. Purchasing such a sewing machine will only cost you more in the long run.

  • Craigslist

It’s one of the fastest growing online shop in the world. There’s a common saying that if you ever need anything cheaply, check Craigslist. The used sewing machine you desire to own could be a click away.

However, this alternative can only benefit you if you live in specific countries around the world where they ship to. To browse through the various sewing machines found in Craigslist, simply go to their site and use the available search function to filter the item you want.

When you finally zero in on the used sewing machines you desire, make the purchase by clicking the appropriate fields. Fill in your shipping details and voila! The sewing machine you’ve always wanted will be all yours.

Before making the purchase, it’s important to first ensure that the product is exactly what you want. It’s rare to get a refund at Craigslist. However, rest assured that you’ll get the sewing machine of your dreams here at Craigslist.

⦁ eBay

I’m sure you’ve heard of this site severally. eBay is a site that sells anything and everything, from works of art to used bicycles. Here, you can get some used sewing machines that are in proper shape.

You needn’t have previously bought something on eBay to make a purchase. The site itself is quite easy to maneuver. When you get to eBay’s main page, click on home and select the Outdoors & Décor option.

You’ll view a link written Crafts, click on it and then click on the Sewing & Fabric link. Next, go to the Sewing page and view the wide assortment of available sewing machines.

You can click on further sub-categories that will lead you straight to the used sewing machines page. Here, you’ll get numerous sewing machines that are within your budget. Choose the one you fancy by adding it to cart and leave your shipping details behind.

⦁ Garage sales

You’ve probably bought several items in a garage sale. If you’ve never contemplated the idea of buying used sewing machines from local garage sales in your area, you could be missing out on a lot.

Unlike thrift shops where you need to incur additional costs for servicing the sewing machine you purchase (this could spike the price of the machine by an extra $70) garage sales are all about selling the items at the fairest price possible. Most people who do such sales are usually more interested in getting their stuff gone..

Therefore, when you hear of a garage sale happening in your area, attend it and you might just be lucky. You could get used sewing machines that are still in excellent conditions, all at a ridiculous price. Your dream of weaving exquisite pieces shall finally be realized.


Isn’t it incredible how you can get whatever you want online? You don’t even have to hustle too much to get it. is a website that offers clients a wide range of home and outdoor items, including clothes, furniture and equipment. It’s therefore one of the best places to search for used sewing machines.

There’s nothing confusing about the website – there are clear categories on the home page that you can click to navigate. Alternatively, you can use the search function found at the top of the page.

Now that you have an idea of where you can purchase some inexpensive used sewing machines, there’s no reason why you should defer your sewing ambitions any longer. Visit any of these sites and find yourself the sewing machine you’ve always fancied.


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