The #SewHAPPY Journal 

A Journal and Planner for Organizing Sewing Projects

If you are:

Are you a budding sewist

An advanced sewist thats been sewing for a while

Or a creative or crafter that wants to work on a variety of projects...(but are struggling to keep things organized)

The #SewHappy Journal is a 90+ page planner will help you keep your sewing projects on track and organized like a PRO!  In it, you will find project planning sheets, sewing project trackers, calendars, and more printables that will make sewing a breeze!

Simply print out the worksheets, add them to a binder, Pin to a pegboard in your sewing room or use as you see fit.

This is the perfect resource for keeping your sewing projects in one place.

Here’s what you’ll get when you download

the journal and planner

When you download the #SewHappy Journal and Planner, you will get immediate access to 90+ pages of worksheets, project planning sheets, planners, 12 calenders and more to help you plan and organize your sewing projects.

90+ Printable PDF Worksheets and Planning Guides

The planner includes several worksheets that eliminate overwhelm, keep your projects on track and stay organized every month. 

12 Calendars for Tracking Monthly Projects (BONUS)

You will get access to 12 monthly calendars that will help you manage monthly sewing schedules, projects, and other sewing tasks.

Project Planning Sheets

No two sewing projects are alike. With this planner you will get access to project planning sheets that will help you plan and map out your sewing projects.

Sewing Charts and Standard Measurements for Various Projects (BONUS)

To help you take the guesswork out of what measurements to use for different projects, we've included cheatsheets and measurement charts for womens clothing, mens clothing, quilting/duvet projects and more!

Who is the #SewHappy Journal For?

This journal is for any sewing enthusiast that struggles to keep their projects organized. We created this planner to help you get on the fast track to sewing success by staying organized and productive....

Don’t wait! Download the Journal to start planning and organizing your sewing projects like a PRO!