Sewing Room Design Ideas: Blues and Browns

Hello and welcome to the first edition of the sewing room roundup from SheLoves2Sew.  If you’re looking for sewing room design ideas and decor tips, you’ve landed in the right place.

A little while ago, we wrote a blog post that features tips on how to set up a sewing room. From this post we have recieved a lot of design related questions.

So, we decided to create a series that will feature mood boards complete with different furniture, decor and color schemes that you can use for inspiration as you design your sewing room.

We are EXCITED to present to you the first of many roundups that we hope will help you on your design journey.


1. Sewing Desk // 2. Fabric // 3.Sewing Chair (Hazel Tan)  //4. Lighting // 5.  Area Rug // 6. Floor Plant // 7. Vases  // 8. Storage Baskets // 9. Picture Frames // 10. Shelving // 11. Decorative Plants

OK let’s do a little quick breakdown of the items included in this round up.

1.  Sewing Desk

As you may or may not know a sewing room desk or table is an essential item to add to your sewing space.

As we’ve mentioned in a previous post featuring the 10 best desks for sewing rooms your sewing room desk should be sturdy and heavy enough to hold your sewing machine while you sew projects.

For this round up we included the Salinas L Shaped Desk with Storage from Bush Furniture company for a few reasons:

  • The rustic antique white color matches beautifully with the fabric that we’ve selected
  • It has great reviews on Amazon
  • It has additional storage that you can use to store away some of your sewing accessories
  • The L-shape design works well in any space (large or small)

2. Fabric 

The fabric that we selected Swavelle Westburn Cotton Duck Soapstone

fabric for this sewing room round up.  It has some calming blues and browns in it with a touch of light brown/beige colors.

The material used in this fabric is 100% cotton so you can use a basic sewing machine like the Brother XM2701 sewing machine to make a set of beautiful curtains for your room.

These colors are very soothing and will make a great addition to any sewing or craft space.  You can use this fabric to create gorgeous curtains for your sewing space and pillows too.

3. Sewing Chair

What’s a sewing space without a great sewing chair?  As you sew projects, you will need a great sewing chair that’s comfortable and more importantly ergonomic…as you will likely find yourself sitting for long hours at a time.

For these reasons, we selected the Arrow 8013 in the color Hazel Tan for the sewing space. Its ranked #1 on Amazon for comfort and ergonomics. We also love the fact there it has additional space underneath for storage.

It also has an adjustable arm and a swivel base with rollers so that you can easily move it around to different areas in your sewing room.

4.  Lighting

For lighting, we chose these chocolate brown Mid Century Modern Accent Table Lamps to match the beautiful browns in the fabric.  These lamps are cute and will look great on the light brown sewing desk mentioned above.

The lamps are budget friendly and come in sets of 2 so you won’t have to worry about purchasing two separate lamps.

If you want a larger light, we suggest using this large floor lamp to add even more light to your space.

5. Area Rug

Area rugs are always a great addition to any space. To add a nice and neutral color, we selected the nuLOOM Chunky Loop Jute Area Rug.

It pulls from the light beige color from the fabric and quite honestly would work well with nearly any fabric.

6.  Floor Plant

To add some flair and spice up empty colors and other areas of your sewing room, we think that this Artificial Natural Ficus floor plant is an excellent addition.

We love that this plant is maintenance free and has a chocolate brown base that matches our fabric selection.

7.  Vases (for decor)

To add some pop to the room, we selected the IMAX Dahlia Set of 3 Vases.

We love that these vases have a combination of a tri-tone color scheme (blue, beige and green)  that makes this set of vases distinct.

The beautiful green and blue hues in this set of vases work well with the fabric and add some visual interest to your sewing room.

8.  Storage Baskets

For storage, we selected these budget friendly Whitmor Rattique Storage Baskets. The beautiful berry blue is a great contrast to the blues seen in the fabric and works well with the chocolate brown and beiges.

You can use these baskets to store fabric, accessories, tools and more.  They can easily be tucked away as well in closets or even on top of your sewing desk for organization.

9.  Picture Frames

One easy way to jazz up your sewing room… (or any room for that matter) is to decorate your walls.

To add some flair to your walls, we selected a set of 12 Collage Picture Frames to add a nice gallery wall to your sewing room.

You can easily fill these frames with inspiring quotes, family portraits, and more to dress up your wall.  The oak finish complements the browns found in the fabric and base of the rattan floor plant.

10. Shelving 

For shelving and additional storage, we love these Floating Wall Shelves with the black metal wires.

These shelves have a rustic dark walnut color and black industrial metal brackets that match well with all of the other decor that we’ve included in this round up.

Plus, these shelves will help you keep a clutter and distraction free sewing and craft space and you can use them to store books, accessories, decor and more.

11.  Decorative Plants

To round things off and add even more decor to your space, we’ve included these set of 3 Potted Fake Plants.

These plants are low maintenance and are ideal for places that you want to decorate but don’t have time to take care of live plants.

So, to spice up your sewing rooms decor, you can use these plants.  We would suggest adding them to your sewing desk and to the floating shelves that we have mentioned in the post.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope that you all enjoyed this sewing room design and decor round up and hope that you get inspired to decorate your sewing space.

In case youre looking for sewing machine reviews for your sewing projects, check out our latest reviews right here.

Thanks so much for reading and Happy Sewing!


Shelly is the main editor and author of this website. She is passionate about helping fellow sewing enthusiasts find the right sewing machine for your sewing projects plus design beautiful sewing spaces that inspire your creativity. If you're ready to DIY a stunning sewing room (on a budget), be sure to check out the Sewing Room that Sizzles Workbook bundle (complete with a 50+ page workbook) and two Bonus Guides that will put you on the fast track to setting up, designing and organizing a sewing room that is TOTALLY you (on a shoestring budget).