20+ Essential Sewing Room Decorating Tips (To Make Any Room Better)

Have you been surfing the internet for some fun, frugal sewing room decorating tips

If yes, then look no farther! This is the perfect blog post for sewing enthusiasts who relish stunning sewing room décor.

Let’s face it. 

Having to sit in a plain, drab craft room that looks more like a clinic than a sewing room can be boring. As a sewist, you probably value a fun, and inspiring sewing space that sparks your creativity and most importantly, puts you in the perfect sewing mood.

Having a special space where one can bring their sewing ideas to life and house all their sewing essentials is every sewist’s dream.

For that reason, we are here with some sewing room decoration tips for beginners that any crafts lover will find exciting, and super-easy to pull off. On top of that, most of these décor inspirations are super affordable, so you won’t have to stretch yourself too thin financially.

Well, friends, let’s dive right and in and transform your sewing space into your personalized sewing sanctuary!

Sewing Room Decorating Tips to Help You Transform your Space

#1:  Choose a Relaxing Color that Accents Other Room Features

First off choosing the right paint color for your sewing room walls is the most important step in decorating your space. 

Because here's the deal:

Color helps in reflecting your personality and mood within the room, and secondly, it can help make a small sewing space appear larger than it is. A great color scheme, combined with great furniture arrangement is a surefire recipe for creating a classic sewing room.

Red, for example, scintillates vibrance and consequently, triggers a crafty mind. If you tend to be high spirited and energetic, adding a touch of red to a single focus wall would be fabulous.

Apart from walls, You can also secure red paint for shelves and storage cabinets similar to this design by Patty Young.

Source: Patty Young Sewing Room Design 

Blue and green on the other hand, inspire a feeling of calmness and relaxation which is important when sewing.

Whichever color you opt for, just ensure it’s a subtler shade rather than a bold, and loud one.

Subtle color shades (like the ones shown below from Benjamin Moore) are great for improving focus and attention, which is what every sewist wants.

Subtle Paint Color Examples from Benjamin Moore

If repainting your walls is completely off-the-table for you, you can always use colorful wallpapers.

#2:  Utilize Your Wall Space for Additional Décor

Wall-space is usually the most under-rated section of a sewing room. As blank as your sewing room wall appears, it harbors the immense potential for making a sharp statement within your crafts space.

From magnificent pieces of art to whoops and printable wall hangings, your wall can be a masterpiece in no time. Even for quilting enthusiasts, you could craft a design wall for displaying your most successful and fabulous quilting collections. 

Below is an example of an inspiring sewing wall that aQuiltingLife via their Instagram:

Source: @AquiltingLife Instagram Sewing Room

A similar space would also suit hand-crafted patterns and colorful fabric. For inspiration, you can check out this perfectly decorated wall by positivelysplendid.com 

Source: PositivelySplendid Sewing Space Design

#4:  Inspirational Writings

Would you love to be inspired the moment you step into your sewing room? Why not hoist a wall-hanging with an excitable and motivating sewing message like this one? This can be your favorite quote or any written form of art that inspires you.

Personalized Craft Room Sign

#5:  Add a Touch of Décor to Your Furniture

Besides tables and shelves, you can incorporate a cozy couch into your sewing space. If possible, the couch should feature your favorite color(s) and if not, you can cover it up creatively.

Select a flattering fabric (like the ones displayed below) to sew table runners and seat covers to cover up your furniture and in the process, brighten up your room.

#5:  Make Good Use of Beginner Sewing Projects

Now here’s the thing: 

Decorating a sewing room from scratch is expensive, especially if you rely on store-bought décor’ items. 

As a sewing beginner, you’ve probably used a substantial amount of money to purchase your sewing essentials and set up your space.  You are probably thinking of setting your sewing journey off the ground, hence, spending more money on décor may not be an option.

To start you off, and save some money, why not sew some décor items on your own? From throw pillows, fabric words, pillowcases to wall whoops, we have some super easy and fun sewing projects for beginners.

#6:  Dress up Your Sewing Room with Decorative Curtains

Whether you love long, flowing drapes or shorter curtains, always make them attractive. Bright curtains and roman shades will add some cheer to your sewing room, hence sparking a creative mood suitable for sewing.

Besides window treatment, you could also use curtains to decorate your built-in storage solutions like open cabinets and closets.

You can also paint your curtain rods a vibrant color, and if possible, match them with other furniture in your sewing room.

#7:  Purchase Storage essentials that Double up as Décor’

Storage spaces like open shelves, baskets, bins, and jars are sewing essentials that you can’t afford to miss.

We absolutely adore the DIY storage table (displayed below) that Jen from Dejong Dream House put together.  Just shows you how creative you can get with DIY projects.

Besides keeping clutter at bay, stylish storage units will help embellish your sewing room. Go for creative storage units such as those with bold color shades and prints e.g polka dots.

#8:  Keep Things Simple

Another important but easy-to-overlook sewing room decoration tip for beginners is simplicity. As much as you want your sewing room to resemble a showroom, be careful not to overdo it. Work with a checklist or budget which will help keep you in line.

Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to include every single décor item in your sewing room. Just one or two types of décor items will work perfectly if you are creative enough.

You can even take out your shopping bag collections and display them beautifully on top of your cabinets and shelves. Just Don’t break the bank because of décor.

Try out a Vintage-Inspired Décor theme

Well, friends, you don’t have to go all-modern for your sewing space to stand out. If a more reserved, vintage vibe is your thing, you can still pull through with your sewing room décor.

A vintage-inspired theme paves way for including special items either from your past, or those presented to you as gifts.

This is perfect timing to bring out that clock from grandma’s house or those special wheeled wooden shelves you’ve been keeping in your bedroom closet.

#10:  Invest in Essential Sewing Accessories

When it comes to selecting your sewing supplies a unique, decorative selection will do you tons of good. 

Mix varying colors of thread, buttons, pincushions, scissors and even fabric to add some pop of color to your sewing studio.

Grab and Go Sewing Accessories Rack

Whether you choose to organize them in racks or clear jars, your sewing supplies are an easy way of leveling up your sewing space.

#11:  Incorporate Decorative Lighting

On top of the ambient natural light emanating from the sun, multiple artificial lightings are essential for a sewing room. But instead of opting for unappealing lighting systems, why not go all out?

Excellent lighting will keep you company on those dark winter evenings, hence make sure they are luxurious enough. Include vibrant and decorative chandeliers, overhead lamps, floor lamps, closet lightings and even clamp lamps in your room.

For that extra fun, you can also customize your lighting settings by adjusting brightness and color and even get some exciting lamp shades for your space.

It doesn’t matter if your space is limited; you can install radiant lighting like this one.

#12:  Personalize Your Space by Including Memorable Items

Do you still have that vase you got from a trip to Greece? A family picture maybe? Well, embracing memorable items especially from nostalgic past experiences is another sewing room decoration tip for beginners.

If purchasing an exotic piece of art is off-limits for you, simply bring in your favorite artists’ snap, or that picture you took with your high school best friend.

Having these things around you as you sew will help ignite great memories that will compliment your sewing. Check out this beautiful photo gallery wall for ideas that you can use in your sewing room. 

With a design like this, you can easily purchase some inexpensive picture frames from Ikea or even Amazon to create an awe inspiring gallery wall in your sewing room.

#13: Set up a PegBoard

Mounting a functional, color-laden pegboard for crafts decoration is a popular decoration tip among sewists.

 Pegboards allow you to play with different design ideas in addition to keeping your sewing supplies accessible.

We recommend checking out these pegboard design inspirations from Pinterest to get your creative juices flowing. 

Pegboard Designs for Sewing Room Examples via Pinterest

#14:  Use Outdoor Décor Items like Plants

Looking for a fresh, relaxing and inspiring sewing room vibe? Outdoor décor items like plants and flowers will help you achieve that. 

Besides dressing up your crafts space to be refreshing and flattering, plants also help with relieving sewing stress.

In addition, plant decor contributes to improved sewing room aeration and is aesthetically pleasing to look at.

#15:  Display your Sewing Magazines Creatively

To get inspiration, you probably have a collection of sewing magazines that you love. Instead of having them scattered around the whole sewing room, you could organize them decoratively on a table. 

Colorful Magazine Holders

Get some ​colorful magazine holders for displaying your magazines, or arrange them neatly in wooden, wheeled shelves.

#16:  Come Up with an Inspiration Board

Inspiration boards will help you keep track of important dates, in addition to saving every sewing-related design that you find interesting.

These can be patterns from your favorite magazines or a sewing room you would love to recreate later. Ensure you place your magnetic board strategically such that it is easy to notice it.

#17:  Transform Unused Sewing Materials into Décor Items

Do you have fabric that you don’t feel anymore? Scraps or not, fabric displays form great décor pieces.  To make the most out of this idea, design a focus wall specifically for hanging fabrics that you won’t use anytime soon.

You can stack them up in shelves, clear storage bins or wrap them around rods similar to thread spools.

You can also transform every-day items into décor items. For example, you can repaint an old shoe rack and use it to showcase your colorful ribbon collection.

#18:  Play with Both Vintage and Modern-Classic Solution

When it comes to sewing room décor’, we don’t play by any rules. So, in case you own a crafty mind that can’t pick a side between vintage and modern, we’ve got some ideas for you as well.

Blend in retro-classic and vintage feels by throwing a splash of vibrant color on your vintage wooden furniture.

These can be throw pillows or even wall hangings on your open shelves. If you own an old sewing machine, sew an exciting sewing machine cover to protect it.

 #19:  Invest in a Customized, Modern Sewing Tables

For sewing beginners with uptight space, investing in modern and customizable tables and ironing boards would be great. Foldable cutting tables can also come through as décor when not in use.

Foldable Sewing and Cutting Table

Get bold and creative by repainting your basic sewing table to match the theme of your sewing room décor.

If it has an additional storage room, fit an in-house décor plant or one of your colorful storage baskets.

#20:  Make Good Use of Free Spaces

A lot of space often goes unnoticed within a sewing room. Often, this can be shelf tops and even sewing room corners.

Therefore, always inspect your sewing room to identify any viable wall space. Check above windows, doors, room corners, and storage spaces like shelves.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope that you enjoyed this post that features 20+ sewing room decorating tips. . These are tips that any DIY'er and sewing enthusiast can use to create a stylish sewing room.  

We hope that these tips will help you come up with an inspiring and aesthetically pleasing sewing room in no time.

Oh and as always, please be sure to check out our latest sewing machine reviews to find the perfect machine for your sewing projects.  

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Happy decorating!


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