Get the eBook and Planner that will help you Plan, Organize and Design a Gorgeous Sewing Room that's totally YOU (on a budget) 

Sewing Room Planner and Design eBook

The Sewing Room That Sizzles Guide Reveals...

I've put together the most comprehensive planner and guide to planning, organizing and designing a GORGEOUS sewing room.

It contains checklists, a 31 -day sewing room design calendar and more to help you successfully setup and design your own sewing room (even if you're not a designer) and much...much more!

  • Revealed: the simple and easy ways to DIY design a sewing room method you must apply before you build any new landing page, homepage or layout.
  • Get the DIY design hacks that will turn your sewing room into a space that lets your creativity soar.
  • You will also get access to two BONUS Guides that reveal Secrets to Monetizing Your Sewing Skills and a List of EPIC Projects for Your Sewing Room! ($24.99 Value

Sewing Room That Sizzles eBook and Planner

Includes 2 Bonus Resource Guides ($24.99 Value)

Sewing Room Design Ideas on a Budget (eBook)

This  eBook + planner will teach you:

50+ Page eBook and Planner

An in-depth 50+ page resource and planner that walks you through each step of planning, setting up and designing your sewing room. like a PRO! You will learn how to set your sewing room up for success, get a list of suggested sewing room layouts, how to choose a color scheme for your sewing room, how to set up and arrange sewing furniture, how to organize your sewing accessories and get suggestions for décor that are inexpensive yet chic and entirely YOU.


Checklists to Keep You on Track

A step by step checklist that provides you actionable and easy steps that you can take to keep your sewing room design project on track.

31 Day Design Calendar and Planner

Use this 31 day calendar to track the progress of all of the activities you take to pull your sewing room together!

Bonus Resource Guides

Along with the eBook and planner you will get access to the these two EPIC Bonuses ($24.99 Value) - Make Money Sewing Guide and Sew HAPPY (A Collection of fantastic Sewing Projects for your home & sewing room)

You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have - Maya Angelou

All this can be yours, right now, for just $14.95! It's time to take action now and learn how to setup and design an EPIC sewing room (on a budget) that's totally YOU!

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