30 Easy and Fun Sewing Projects for Beginners

Are you new to sewing and looking for easy sewing projects for beginners?

If yes, then you are at the right place.

We rounded up this list because we understand how unnerving it gets trying out sewing projects as a budding sewer.

Here’s the best part:

Most of these projects only requireelementary sewing techniques. This includes reading patterns, stitching, coordinating fabrics and thread, and some basic quilting.  

Our Favorite Fun and Easy Sewing Projects For Beginners

We wanted to make sure this list is chock full of everything you will want to sew, hence, most of the projects include things you use every day.

Without wasting time, let’s dive into this mega list of exciting and easy sewing projects for beginners: 

#1: Pattern Weights

Do you find it difficult to stick your pattern pieces onto your fabric?

If you do, creating some pattern weights is a sewing project you will enjoy.


Pattern Weights


You can use them to pin down your pattern pieces.  The best part about this project is that it will only take you 30 minutes to create them.

Whether you choose the no-sew approach or sewing by hand, you will find it very exciting. You can learn everything about pattern weights right here

#2:  Seam Maxi Skirt

If you’re starting out as a beginner at sewing, that doesn’t mean that creating clothes are off limits. You can still design beautiful clothes such as a maxi skirt (like a pro).

Source: Crazylittleprojects.com

This project is one of the easiest to sew.  In just 5 minutes, you can create a flattering maxi skirt that you can be proud to show off.

With a stretchy or knit piece of fabric and basic needle and thread supplies, sewing a maxi skirt with your sewing machine has never been easier.


#3: A Pillow Case


Who doesn’t love a soft, snuggly, and crafty pillowcase?

Well the great thing is this:

Source: How to Make a Pillow Case Blog.treasurie.com

Source: How to Make a Pillow Case Blog.treasurie.com


This particular project is super simple, because all the magic is in your fabric choices.

Plus, with countless sewing patterns available online, sewing a pillowcase is one project that you can create with ease


#4: Sewing a Zipper Pouch

Do you enjoy staying organized?

If so, then zippered pouches is an ideal sewing project you will enjoy!

Source: MellySews Zipper Pouch


Zipper pouches are amazing DIY sewing projects that you can use to store away tons of things. You can use them to store your school supplies, makeup, and jewelry or even diaper bag essentials.

Here’s the best part:

You will get to experiment with different fabrics when designing the interior and exterior of the pouch.  Additionally this is a fun sewing project that you can complete in 15 minutes or less. 


#5:  An Apron

Looking for the perfect apron that coordinates with your kitchen decor but haven’t found itThen consider sewing your own apron.

Besides being the most frugal, you can complete this sewing project without a pattern.

Source: Backroadbloom.com


All you need are affordable supplies such as fabric, a ruler, fabric marker, and sewing pins and you’ll be set.

You can also use an old apron as a pattern/ guide if you already own one. Or, you can then follow this simple tutorial to sew your apron.


#6: A Simple Elastic Waist Skirt

Professional sewers consider elastic skirts as the perfect project for young sewers.  Unlike the slim fit and zipped skirts, these are less complicated and you will be able to sew them in the shortest possible time.

Source: SewGuide

Elastic skirts are perfect for summer or spring and any other casual meet up.

The only thing you will need for this project is some light fabrics such as cotton, an elastic waistband, and an easy pattern to guide you


 #7:  A Fancy Bralette

Is there anything as irresistible as pulling off cute bralettes during summer?  This project may sound a little bit intimidating at first , but once you start, it will surprise you at how simple it is.

Source: SewSewEasy

To make your lingerie bras even more alluring, include elastics and bra cups.

If you can’t get enough of it, go ahead and sew a matching set of knickers. You can click here to get the patterns and the tutorial for this project.


#8:  Sewing Gift Bags

Are you in a time crunch but still want to sew something appealing? If yes, sewing fabric gift bags are a perfect choice.

Source: Loganberryhandmade.com

You can apply your newfound  sewing skills to create cute gift bags for your friends, colleagues or family members in just 5 minutes

This is definitely the perfect and easy DIY sewing project that any advanced or beginner will love.


#9: Sewing a Vintage Peg Bag

Does your washing line appear plain?

If it does, then you can add some glitter by sewing a cute, vintage peg bag for storing your pegs.

For this project, you can even draft your own pattern in a few minutes time, and we don’t know if there is a better way of practicing.

Source: Mypoppet.com.au


The supplies you will need include a kid sized wooden coat hanger, fabric (preferably canvas), bias, tape, pencil, ruler and a pair of scissors.

With these supplies and this tutorial for sewing a vintage peg bag, this project should be easy and fast. 


#10:  Fabric Envelopes

Need a place to store things like your childrens iPADs, jewelry or small sewing accessories?

If so, then fabric envelopes are the perfect resource for it. Luckily for you, creating these mini storage envelopes is super easy. Plus this is a great way for you to practice your sewing skills.

Source: The Hand Made Home

Fortunately for you, there are many ways to design fabric envelopes that are very easy and thrilling. To get started, we recommend using the pattern right here.


#11:  Book Marks

Love reading books?

Then…were sure you relate to the frustration that comes with losing track of your reading.

Source: OverTheBigMoon


Instead of buying bookmarks, with a few few materials and a little sewing knowledge, you can create some awesome fabric bookmarks.

For materials, get some fabric, a rotary cutter (for each bookmark). Once you have all the supplies, you can follow these simple steps to make your bookmarks.


#12:  Laptop Sleeves

If you own a laptop, there’s a high chance you carry it almost everywhere with you.  If you have some basic sewing skills and your sewing machine in tow, you can easily create a laptop sleeve.

Source: By BrittanyGoldwyn


Laptop sleeves are fun sewing projects that any beginner can do and can be sewn in under ten minutes!

With just two sewing supplies (felt and small Velcro pieces), all you need to do is take accurate measurements and use your machine to sew it.

Check out this sewing guide to see how to make beautiful, yet very simple laptop sleeves.


#13:  Five-Minute Infinity Scarf

Want to add a little pizzazz to your outfits? Or do you live in a place where there is a colder climate? Either way, adding an infinity scarf to your list of sewing projects is a must!

Source: 5-Minute Infinity Martha Stewart

Infinity scarfs are a favorite among beginner sewists, majorly because of their simplicity. With just minimal sewing, you can create the most alluring infinity scarves in no time.


#14:  Placemats

Sewing a place mat is another beginner friendly sewing project that you could embark on.

Actually, even kids can sew a place mat in a very short time. This project also allows you to experiment with as many colors of fabric as you want. 

Source: HelloCreativeFamily


This ten-minute beginner-sewing project simply needs you to cut two rectangular fabric pieces into half, and then use your coordinating color thread to sew straight lines!

Check out these easy sewing instructions from Hello Creative family.


#15:  Fabric Flowers 

If your level of confidence in sewing is still rocky, this is the perfect project to help build it.

With flower fabrics, you don’t have to sew them for gifting, or any specific use.

Source: RedTedArt

In fact,

Beginner sewists usually end up using theirs as hair brooches or simple bedroom decorations. Here are a few easy-to-sew fabric flowers to get you started.


#16:  Rice Hand Warmers

There’s nothing worse than dealing with cold hands – right?

Lucky for you, sewing a hand warmer is a doable sewing project for either kids or adult beginners.

Source: Kenarry.com


The project simply involves cutting your fabric correctly, sewing in a straight line, and putting the sewn fabric in a microwave! Sounds fun, right?

Check out ideas for the home for this project’s tutorial and sewing instructions.  


#17:  Portable First Aid Kit

How prepared are you for unforeseen medical emergencies?  Well if you aren’t, one of the best ways to prepare yourself is via a portable first-aid kit.

Source: Positivelysplendid.com


Portable first aid kits can hold all your medical supplies, and you can carry them with you with much ease. 

For convenience, it is always good to have a portable first aid kit holder that is easy to carry. If you really want to get crafty and make one, here’s a tutorial that you can follow.

Learn how to make one here


#18:  Fabric Letters

Fabric letters are another go-to sewing project for beginners, partly because they only need minimal fabric.  Fabric alphabets are very useful for decorating your home, or as kids’ learning props.

Source: PositivelySplendid.com


In addition, sewing these little pieces is easy peasy and can thus serve a learning milestone for budding sewers.

Here is a quick tutorial that covers how to make fabric alphabet letters in minimal time.


#19:  Fabric Card -Wallets

We can never run out of business cards or gift cards that need holders.

Not only are they essential accessories, but they are also perfect sewing projects for beginners. You can make as many as you want either for your personal use, or for presenting to friends.

Source: HearthandVine

With a basic sewing machine, some fabric cut into 5-inch square pieces and buttons, you can come up with both fancy and professional fabric cardholders.


#20:  Easter Pot Holders

Want a unique set of potholders?  Consider making them…

You can also apply your basic sewing skills to creating some holders for the next Easter eggs.

Source: MissMarySews

This beginner-sewing project hinges almost entirely on cutting egg shaped fabric and stitching along the required linesThe sewing patterns for this project are also easy to work with, and are readily available. 


#21:  Button Lunch Bags

These small bags are essential for people who prefer to carry their food in. Lunch bags are typically sewn using washable fabric, and finished off with buttons to guarantee your food’s safety.

Source: Purlsoho.com/

For this particular project, you will be using ½ yard of strapping fabric (denim will work perfectly), cotton bias tape, cotton thread, and button accessories.

This sewing project simply involves pre washing your fabric, cutting your fabric as required, and sewing.

You can check out the sewing patterns and tutorials  and begin your sewing. 


#22:  Sew a Soft Ball

Do you have any toddlers at home that would get a thrill out of an additional toy?   If so, softballs would be perfect for them.

Source: Purlsoho.com

They are soft, light and very simple to make.

You can make these playing items by simply stitching together a core and a cover. Follow this tutorial for guidance.  


#23:  Plaid Blanket Scarf

A cozy, oversized blanket scarf is a wonderful item to have, especially in chilly weather. We have highlighted this particular project because it requires almost no sewing at all.

Source: Sweetredpoppy.com

All you need to do is know how to cut, trim and fold fabric. Actually, as long you can correctly use a pair of sewing scissors, you are good to go!

Here is an easy guide to help you.


#24:  Baby Blanket

Soft baby blankets are one of the cutest things in the world, and you can make your own very easily.

Homemade baby blankets also make perfect gifts for baby showers or Christmas holidays.

Source: Cutesycrafts.com

Sewing a baby blanket requires zero sophistication. Actually it’s a great way to kick start your sewing skills as a beginner. With your sewing machine, rotary cutter, iron, a few yards of flannel, and hair brows in tow, sewing a blanket is a breeze

Cutesy crafts has a very simple and fun guide for this project that may come in handy.


#25:  Sewing a Button

Even if you’ve just started sewing, we are sure you would still be able to sew a button. 

You probably know how to thread a needle, and make some stitches on fabric.

This sewing project is perfect for beginners and can help you perfect your hand sewing skillsFollow this step-by-step guide with pictures on wikihow.com to learn more. 


#26:  Sewing a 6-pocket Tote Bag

This is easy-to-sew shoulder bag is the ideal sewing project that will sharpen your skills as a beginnerIn less than one hour, you will have extra storage space for your day-to-day essentials.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

As long as you can cut out fabric pieces, lay them down smoothly, and match one seam line with the other as you sew, this will be a very easy project for you.

The essential supplies for this project include fabric, your sewing machine, quilters’ pins, thread, iron, ironing board and a sewing gauge.

Here’s the systematic process to follow when creating your 6-pocket tote bag.


#27:  Luggage Tag Labels

Are you tired of misplacing your luggage all the time? With these simple luggage tag labels, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Here’s the best part:

You only need the fabric scrap you’ve been planning to get rid of to sew them!

Source: Positivelysplendid.com


To sew a single luggage tag, you will need a super-firm stabilizer, fabric interface, print fabrics (preferably cotton), and the standard sewing accessories.

Positively splendid has free patterns and easy to follow tutorials to take you through this project.


 #28:  Fabric Basket

These are a great option if you are looking for some extra storage for your sewing supplies. They are also very easy to sew. This project mainly involves basic stitching, lining and interfacing.

Source: Blog.treasurie.com

The sewing supplies needed for this project are also similar to other stitching projects. You’ll pretty much need cotton fabric, thread, needle, and a rotary cutter.

Check out the simple instructions here to learn how to create your baskets.


#29:  Phone charging station

Another great project for your phone, and definitely you too!

Besides the standard sewing accessories (scissors, fabric, pins, coordinating thread etc.), you will need denim sewing needles, a piece of peltex, a temporary ink marker and some fusible fleece.

Source: PositivelySplendid.com

When it comes to creating phone charging stations, this tutorial will help you get squared away.

It requires the perfect mix of sewing techniques, making it perfect for practice.


#30: Throw Pillow Covers

Rounding off our list of easy sewing projects for beginners is one that we couldn’t wait to share.  This project is none other than throw pillows.

Source: TurquoiseHome.com

Making throw pillows is one of the easiest ways to dress up your home, bedroom and practically any space on a budget.

All that you need is a handy dandy sewing machine, fabric of your choice, a ruler (for measuring) and thread to complete this project.

You can follow this tutorial to learn how to create beautiful throw pillows in no time.  

Wrapping Things Up!

We truly hope that you enjoyed our round up and list of 30 easy sewing projects for beginners.  These are projects that we believe any budding or advanced sewists can complete with ease.  

As always, you can check out the rest of our site to find tips for buying a sewing machine and check out our sewing machine reviews that feature some of the best machines on the market today.

Happy Sewing! 


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