20 Free DIY Sewing Machine Cover Patterns

Looking for a list of easy sewing machine cover patterns and tutorials that you can try out? Great!  Were glad that you landed here.

For those of you wondering exactly what a sewing machine cover pattern is, in a nutshell it is a template for sewing machine covers that you can use to create it.  

As for the cover itself, well it basically covers up your sewing machine to prevent it from dust and adds decorative flair to your machine as well.

We figured it would be a great idea to put together a list of sewing machine cover patterns and tutorials for beginner sewists.  

Source: Sew Delicious Quilted Sewing Machine Cover Pattern

Sure...it's easy to want to head out and buy a new sewing machine cover other, or use the one your sewing machine came with.


As an aspiring sewist (or even a veteran) sewing your own sewing machine cover can be rewarding and fulfilling. 

In addition to stepping up your sewing knowledge, creating your own sewing machine cover patterns will help you:

  • Prevent dust build up on your sewing machine (which is super important for sewing machine maintenance and upkeep)
  • In addition to maintenance, an elegant cover will also spice up your sewing rooms decor
  •  Your sewing machine cover will help keep any needle-related accidents at bay (which is important for safety)
  •  You can use it to store sewing accessories

So, Why Exactly Did We Create This Article?

This article cuts through over 20 sewing machine cover patterns that any beginner can work with.

As a beginner, we know that complex sewing projects patterns are intimidating.  So we wanted to present a list of projects that beginning sewists will find simple, doable and highly enjoyable!  

Want to know the best part? 

Most of these patterns only require basic sewing, stitching, embroidery or quilting skills. We also made sure we collected patterns that allow you to try out different fabrics such as linen, canvas, and cotton.

Before we dive off into all of the exciting sewing machine cover patterns we have for you, we will give you a few tips. 

If you are new to sewing and this is one of your first sewing projects, these tips will be helpful. They are so simple that even a sewing expert will find them helpful.

Tips for Creating a Sewing Machine Cover as a Sewing Beginner

Here is a running list of tips for creating a sewing machine cover as a beginner:

  • Choose a great sewing machine to sew your cover patterns with. We recommend checking out our Singer, Brother and Janome sewing machine reviews to find the perfect machine for your sewing projects.  You can also check out our 10 step guide to buying your first sewing machine.
  • When sewing a machine cover, always use durable fabric such as linen, denim or felt! If you can get recycled shower net material, those should work perfectly too. You can also use softer fabrics for the outer fabric.  
  • If you are going to make a reversible sewing machine cover, consider including pockets on the lining ends.
  • Before beginning your project, ensure you wash, dry, and iron your fabric prior to use.
  • Prior to measuring, lower your spool spin and ensure you remove the power cord. This will help you acquire a smoother fit.
  • If you want to take more accurate measurements of your cover,  use the base cover your sewing machine came with. Make sure you’ve placed it on your machine as you take measurements.

A List Sewing Materials Will You Need to Make a Sewing Machine Cover

So, what are the essential supplies for sewing a machine cover? We think these materials may vary depending on the sewing machine cover pattern you work with. 

Whether you are making a quilted or full cover, some basic materials that you will need include:

  •  A sewing machine (you can check out our Singer, Brother and Janome reviews)
  • Fabric such as cotton, linen, and canvas.
  • Bias Tape - if you can’t access one, then a Grosgrain ribbon will work perfectly.
  • Fabric markers e.g.
  • Tailor’s chalk and pens.
  • Sewing pins
  • Coordinating Thread
  • Quilter’s ruler (For Quilted patterns)
  • A pair of scissors

20 Sewing Machine Cover Patterns For Beginners

Now we’ve come to the fun part. We’ve rounded up 20 awesome sewing machine cover patterns and tutorials that you can use to inspire your next sewing project.

Here is the list:

#1:  First on our list is this alluring and highly expressive cover pattern by bloom and blossom blog.  If you are a strong believer of ANYTHING+LINEN=SUCCESS, this will be an overly satisfying project for you.

Source: Bloom and Blossom

#2:  This machine cover pattern from Sew Can She is full of everything you will want to sew! Besides standing out as eye candy, this sewing machine cover is also multifunctional.

You can use it as a cover, and still use the perfectly sewn pockets as extra storage for your sewing supplies.

Source: SewCanShe.com

#3:  Have you been thinking of making your sewing machine a reversible cover? We believe that beginner sewists can still be playful with different patterns, making this cover pattern from Stay at Home Artist worth it.

The prints on both sides are to die for, and the stitches are perfectly done.

Source: StayAtHomeArtist.com

#4:  If you are ambitious enough, this Butterick sewing machine cover pattern from Lala Lawrence blog even includes ruffles!

Source: LaLaLawrence.Blogspot.com

#5:  Are you on the lookout for a gorgeous sewing machine cover? If yes, you are bound to fall in love with anazard's pattern idea.

If you are wondering what to do with all your scrap fabric, worry no more. This cover here is a useful, quick way of transforming your leftover fabric into a cozy cover for your machine.

Source: AnaZards.BlogSpot.com

#6:  In addition to making use of some basic quilting skills, this particular pattern may end up being your favorite.   Joann blog rounds up an easy to follow tutorial that will be of great help along the way.

Source: Joann.com

#7:  You can get some sewing machine cover pattern inspiration from life after laundry blog. This particular pattern allows a beginner to practice on as many sewing skills as possible. The simple exterior of the cover also blends easily with almost every sewing room décor.

Source: LifeAfterLaundry.com

#8:  If you are jammed for time but still need an appealing sewing machine cover, this pattern will serve you well.

Together with a well-curated tutorial, this pattern from the happier homemaker  is super easy to work with. Nothing fancy, but it still protects your machine from specks of dust and makes it attractive.

Source: TheHappierHomeMaker.com

#9:  This quilted sewing machine cover pattern features another cute flower pattern at the front.

It also allows you to experiment with your chosen colors, and in the process add some flair to your sewing room. Together with this tutorial from awilson.com, you are bound to love the final product.

Source: AWilson.com

#10:  Wait, who says sewing a cover for your machine has to be a drag? If you are a novice who does not mind something quilty, then this pattern from my Carolina home will have you drooling.

Source: FromMyCarolinaHome.com

#11:  This super-duper easy machine cover pattern from crafts bits is the literal best. You can pull it off in less than an hour, and it looks appealing too.

All you need are some elementary stitching and hemming skills and you’ll have a beautiful cover in a short while.

Source: Craftbits.com

#12:  Does a floral, flamingo-front sewing machine cover pattern sound great? This particular project blends in sewing and embroidery in the best possible way.

It also offers additional storage for sewing accessories such as seam rippers. This pattern and guide from Flamingo Toes blog will make it happen!

Source: FlamingoToes.com

#13:  Got a pillowcase you don’t mind using for something else? Get this pattern from Bearcub Creations as you learn how to make a nice protective cover for your machine.

Source: BearCubCreations.com

#14:   Patched up work has a reputation of creating some of the most expressive sewing masterpieces. Similarly, this floral pattern from TextTilla does not disappoint.

Source Textillia.com

#15:  What we love most about this particular pattern is that you only need two pattern pieces to pull it off.   

By the end of it all, you will have a reversible machine cover, embellished with beautiful heart/triangle fabric pieces.

Source:  Craftbuds.com

#16:  How wild is your artistic imagination? If it’s wild enough, then a camper vintage caravan sewing machine pattern should not scare you.

Although you will be sewing through almost three layers of fabric, your machine will have protection for a lifetime upon its completion. Check out this quilted pattern and start.

Source: SewDelicious

#17:     If you are looking for something trendy and compact, then this cover has it all. This cover pattern by ShinyHappyWorld features side-pockets and playful fabric. How great would it be to make something so attractive yet functional?

Source: ShinyHappyWorld

#18:  This sewing machine covers doubles up as a decorative sewing bag by day, and a nice cover when you wind up your sewing.

The pattern by Blu print blog is also incredibly easy and fun to follow. Any sewing beginner with some basic sewing and quilting skills should have it easy with this one.

Source: MyBluPrint.com

#19:  This cover pattern by Love to Know is simply adorable. The fabric is both strong and beautifully embellished.

We are sure this is a super-simple way of making a custom-fit cover for your machine. Her tutorial is also very easy to follow and she offers prolific tips to help you along the way.

Source: LoveToKnow

#20:   A lined sewing machine cover pattern is always a great idea. This pattern, also by blu print allows for easy adjustment for different sewing machine sizes.

As an added bonus, there is a nifty YouTube Video with instructions that you can follow to create this sewing machine cover.

Wrapping up the Blog Post

All of the above patterns are very beginner-friendly and quite exciting too! If you are an expert who is short on time and wants to sew a cover fast, you can also use these tips.

Sewing a more attractive and fitting cover for your sewing machine will enable it to serve you better. 

You don’t have to use the boring plastic cover you bought it with.  Protect your machine from dust and sewing dirt using these overly creative patterns above. We really hope this article was helpful. 

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Happy sewing!


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