30 Sewing Gifts for Newborns (New Moms will LOVE)

Know someone with a baby on the way? Still clueless on what to gift your bestie on her fast-approaching baby shower? Looking for some adorable sewing gifts for newborns for your baby shower gift box?

If your answer to any of these questions is a resounding ‘YES!’ then we have some good news for you. Choosing the perfect gift for a newborn can be confusing and we are here to help you out.

Because eventually, nothing beats the feeling of looking down at a precious, little baby and they are rocking that cute outfit you made for them.

So in this article, we are going to show you a list of 30 easy sewing gifts for newborns that you’ll definitely enjoy sewing.  Whether you are looking for things to wear, fancy toys to play with, cute diaper bags for moms, or adorable handmade décor for a newborn’s room, this list has it all.

And here is the best part:

Most of these gift ideas are unique, super-easy to sew, require minimal fabric, and most importantly, will leave any new mama feeling special and loved…

Oh, and before we forget, this list also includes free baby patterns and tutorials, so don’t worry about those.

Ready? Let’s do this!

1. Long-sleeved baby bib

Who says a baby bib can’t be stylish? Including sleeves in your baby’s bibs will go a long way in protecting their clothes from being messy. Together with a stain-proof material such as Terry fabric, you are guaranteed of mess-free baby clothes. Luckily for you, Mommy Imaginings has a Free downloadable pattern and tutorial to help you make a smock/sleeved baby bib.

 2. Cute Flower Headband

Looking for something chic and girly? This lovely flower headband is bound to steal your heart. All you need to do is find a perfect flower template to work with, gather your supplies, and get down to making your baby girl a headband they’ll fall in love with.

3. Ballet shoes for newborns

Looking for fancy ballet shoes to match a baby girl’s dress? Look no farther. These fancy ballet shoes are accompanied by hidden seams and double lines which guarantee extra comfort for the newborn.  Me Sew Crazy has the perfect tutorial and downloadable free pattern for this project.

There’s no doubt that both the baby and mum will love you for this indisputable stylish baby gift.

4. Cozy baby gown

Nothing beats watching an angelic baby wrapped in a warm, cozy baby gown after a warm bath, especially one you’ve made for them. Since most store-bought baby gowns are too pricey, you’ll want to learn how to sew one for yourself, and this tutorial from Ginger Cake will help you do that.

5. Baby Burp Cloths

Have any vintage handkerchiefs that you don’t intend to use?  Ready to immerse yourself in a fun beginner sewing project? Check out this easy tutorial and learn how to sew cute, soft, and out-of-the-ordinary baby burp cloths. To improve its ability to soak up any fluid, you’ll line with chenille on the inside.

6. Knit baby hats

Love the thought of a soft DIY baby hat? If you are a seasoned Knitter, then you are going to love this one. The pattern comes in varying baby sizes, and the step by step tutorial is such a breeze. You can also fold up the fitted top for an extra punch of baby cuteness. To make this project even easier for you, Bring along a walking foot, stretch thread, and ballpoint needle.

7. Handmade Baby bibs

Bibs are hands down the most essential baby accessory, and you can never have enough. If you are looking for a pretty baby shower gift that you can whip out in no time, then this is the one. Bring out your Terry cloth Fabric, old towels, or table cloths and let Alice and Lois help you do the trick.

8. Divided diaper bags

Can’t wait to start running errands with your little bundle of joy? There’s no doubt that you’ll be needing something spacious to fit your baby stuff and personal items.

This diaper bag comes with dividers that can perfectly distinguish your baby accessories from your personal day to day essentials. Though not a beginner-friendly sewing project, it comes out perfectly if you are ambitious enough.

9. Swaddle blankets

Are there more perfect sewing gifts for newborns than DIY soft swaddle blankets? Unlike the store-made ones, you get to make these in your own perfect size and with whichever type of fabric that you love. This particular project uses knit fabric so that blanket allows the baby some breathing room when it’s too hot. Check out this pattern and tutorial by coralandco and start sewing yours.

10. DIY stuffed fabric football

Baby ball softies make up for some of the most popular baby shower gifts, and we know why. For one, they are super easy to make, and secondly, you can always throw in some fun additions when crafting them. Suitable for when your toddler is up on their feet, this soft fabric ball by Make and Takes is the best start.

11. Newborn Car seat cover

Before you think of buying a ready-made baby carrier for the car, how about making your own? This newborn car seat cover makes the perfect baby shower gift since it can outlive up to three newborns. Also, there’s a free pattern and video tutorial by fleece fun to help you put it together.

12. A baby bottle cover

Need an insulating cover for your baby’s feeding bottle? This particular one is a drawstring version that is very easy to draw open, hence you won’t have a stressful time using it.  On top of that, the insulating pieces will help you keep your baby’s milk warm and sealed, even during those cold night feeding routines. Check out the pattern, tutorial, and materials from so-sew-easy and begin!

13. Kimono Baby shoes

Looking for the ideal baby project for your yarn scraps? These warm and adorbs kimono baby shoes mark the end of your search. As long as you have some basic crocheting and embroidery skills at hand, you are bound to have an enjoyable time creating these. Grab your free pattern and tutorial from tip junkie and let the fun begin.

 14. Adorable Ruffled baby bloomers

Now this one is for the adventurous sewists! Lots of hemming, pinning, and stitching things into place, and don’t we all some fun? With the ruffles aligned perfectly to the side panels, any newborn baby girl will look super cute in these ruffled bloomers. Both the pattern and tutorial are readily available at me sew crazy.

15. Baby Bean bags

Bean bags are the ideal toys for helping a baby develop motor skills, and sewing one is really simple too. Check out the tutorial from sew like my mom and start the perfect baby toy come baby shower gift.

16. Bunting Baby Quilt

Perfect for a day out at the park or by the beachside, this sweet bunting baby quilt is simply gorgeous. It features unique, bunting triangles that make it so colorful and cheerful to look at, and if you ask us, this is a fantastic sewing gift for newborns. And here is the best part, you can play around with different color ideas until you find one that matches your baby’s playroom or nursery.

All Free Sewing has made your work easier by providing with the pattern, material ideas, and a super-easy step by step sewing tutorial.

17. Baby Sleeping bag

A comfy and functional sleeping bag is essential for any parent-to-be. The last thing you want is for your baby to uncover themselves while they sleep, and in that regard, a sleeping bag will help restrict their movement. Katia.com has some incredibly helpful patterns and tutorials that will help you put together a nice, enveloping sleeping bag for a newborn.

18. Girly Newborn tights

Need some warmth for those cold winter evenings? These stretchy and comfy tights are just perfect for that. And You can sew one from an old T-shirt or Jersey knit.

19. DIY baby closet Dividers

Having a well-organized closet for your newborn will do your emotional well-being lots of good. You won’t have to spend a lot of time locating your baby accessories and decluttering your space.  These closet dividers by Ashley Ann photography will make the perfect Christmas gift for a new mom. 

19. DIY baby closet Dividers

Having a well-organized closet for your newborn will do your emotional well-being lots of good. You won’t have to spend a lot of time locating your baby accessories and decluttering your space.  These closet dividers by Ashley Ann photography will make the perfect Christmas gift for a new mom. 

20. Play Mat

One thing we can tell you about newborns is that they grow up too fast! Within no time, your baby will be crawling around the house on their tummy, and when that time comes, a nice playmat will come in handy. This delightful play mat by I am momma hear me roar has just the right texture for in-house play and makes one of the best sewing gifts for newborns.

21. Throw Pillow for Baby’s room

Need to add some cheer to the baby’s nursery? Here’s how to transform your tired sweater into charming throw pillows for a new born’s room. You can place these strategically on the couch or on the baby’s bed to act as décor and make the room brighter. And in case you are new to knit fabric, don’t fret. Organic Authority has an easy tutorial to help you crack it, and it includes some brilliant tips that will smoothen the way too!

22. Tiny leather baby shoes

Ready to sew soft, precious, and unique baby shoes from fabric and leather? Follow these easy tutorials by Craftionary and start sewing a baby gift you’ll fall in love with.

23. Re-usable Baby Wipes

Are you an eco-friendly mama? Got a friend that has a newborn on the way and will need some wipes? If Yes, then these fabric non-disposable baby wipes will excite you. Besides keeping the environment safe, these wipes will also help you save money. Unlike the costly, disposable baby wipes, you can use these ones as many times as you want, as long as you clean them often.

If you are looking for easy sewing gifts for newborns, you certainly won’t go wrong with these ones.  Check out Crafting a Green World for the pattern and tutorial.

24. Top-knot baby hat

There’s no denying that cute hats are a new born’s best friend. Sweet Red Poppy has a free pattern and video tutorial on how to sew an adorable gift hat for the newest member of your family.

25. Diaper Clutch

As you come up with beautiful gift ideas for newborns, it’s important that you create something for the mum too. We figured this Diaper Clutch Pattern by Crazy Little Projects will come through in this regard. Besides coming through as a stunning clutch, It’s also an easy way to safely keep a baby’s wipes and diapers.

26. Fabric Blocks

Fabric blocks are one of the most popular baby toys, and this is because they are really fun and simple to make. On top of that, they can double up as brilliant décor for your newborn’s room before they become of playing age. Follow these instructions by Crazy Little Projects  and you’ll have the perfect gift for a newborn in no time.

27. Hooded Towels

Who doesn’t love getting warm and snuggly after a well-deserved bath? Hooded towels are an essential bath accessory for anyone with a newborn or infant. And One Little Project has three different ways of sewing adorable hooded towels for newborns, and each will take just 30-40 minutes of your sewing time.

28. Ruffle Diaper Cover

Got some ruffle fabric? It’s time to whip them out. These ruffle diaper covers will come in handy if you have a newborn and you are using cloth diapers. It’s also a very lenient sewing project that will give you an easy time. You can check out the whole process from make it love it and get down to some sewing fun.

29. Simple Circle Skirt

This easy-peasy circle skirt tutorial by Made Every day is proof that this is one of the easiest sewing projects for beginners. If you are looking for something flattering to gift a newborn girl, you are going to fall in love with this one. And did we mention that you can put together up to 4 skirts in just an hour?

30. Pretty baby Leggings from a Sweater

Love the thought of breathing life into those old sweaters you’ve been wanting to discard? These cozy leggings by Make it Love it will come through as a nice addition to your baby shower gift box. Besides being adorable on a newborn baby, the sweater material also ensures they remain warm when the chilly winter feels start to creep in.

So there you have it! We hope our roundup of 30 easy sewing gifts for newborns was helpful and that you found something you would loge to create. Happy Sewing!


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