The 20 Best Tutorials for Sewing DIY Surgical Face Masks

Ready to kick off your newly discovered sewing hobby with some fun facemask projects? Have you been looking for tutorials for sewing-diy-surgical-face-masks to keep you busy at home? If yes, then we can’t be more thrilled to have you here.

With the Corona Virus pandemic on the loose, facemasks are now our new normal, and you don’t have a choice when it comes to wearing one.

While we can’t deny that buying facemasks for you and your whole family can be a bit expensive, there’s a more pleasant side of the coin; surgical facemasks are super-duper easy to make!

Thing is, you don’t need advanced sewing know-how for you to sew homemade facemasks for yourself and for your community.

As long as you have some pieces of fabric to spare, you can still make the most out of your beginner sewing skills and help alleviate the masks shortage that continues to hit the world.

This is why in this article, we’ve rounded up a list of 20 of the BEST tutorials for sewing-diy-surgical-face-masks to help get you on the go.

Without wasting much time, let’s dive in!

Our Favorite Tutorials for Sewing DIY Surgical Face Masks

  1. To start us off is this standard Surgical Facemask with elastic ear hooks by sweet red poppy
  1. This DIY surgical mask tutorial by blog treasurie comes with an easy, downloadable pattern.
  1. Do you want a pleated facemask that easily blends with your face contours? Check out this step-by-step tutorial by The Spruce.
  1. Hello sewing has a free no-scale pattern plus tutorial to help you make fabric surgical masks. If you have a sewing machine that can swiftly sew over pleats, then you’ll find this tutorial very smooth.
  1. Not sure if you are familiar with the Olson surgical mask pattern, but if you are, then we-re sure you know that it’s approved by medical professionals as the best alternative to N-95 surgical masks. Albeit more challenging to sew that all the other facemask patterns, this video tutorial by Sew can she will help you nail it.
  1. We don’t know about you, but being able to insert an extra layer of protection underneath your facemask gives a needed feeling of extra safety. This is why Sarah Maker's tutorial on how to sew a pleated surgical DIY facemask with an extra pocket is a big win.
  1. If you can’t deal with the hassle of washing your surgical masks often, sewing a disposable one is the best option. Tip hero has the perfect tutorial on how to sew disposable DIY surgical masks.
  1. When all is said and done, we’ll all lean towards a surgical facemask tutorial by a nurse, and for a nurse. Plus, there’s a sense of surety that comes with fitting your mask with two layers of fabric. This written Instructable will teach you how to sew an A.B surgical facemask pattern for your next hospital visit.
  1. Do tight elastics on your masks prove uncomfortable?  See Kate Sew has the perfect solution for that. This elastic-free DIY surgical facemask comes with three layers, a filter, and non-elastic fabric ties, which make it easier to sanitizer under high temperatures.
  1. Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to sew a latex-free cotton surgical mask. Aside from being a cute dressing for your face, this DIY surgical mask does a good job of containing your secretions such that they remain within your mask. 
  1. Do you want to learn how to sew a cover for the N-95 surgical facemask? Tie-Dye Diva Patterns has a simple tutorial on how to sew a fabric facemask that fits securely over an N-95 respirator.
  1. Here’s how to make CDC-approved DIY facemasks using tightly woven fabric. These instructions include the CDC’s instructions on how to piece together a DIY bandana face protector.
  2.  The Good Housekeeping has collaborated with expert sewists around the world to come up with this DIY surgical facemask tutorial  .You can sew this elastic-free medical-grade facemask in less than 20 minutes.
  1. Are you jammed for time but still need a quick DIY surgical facemask? Say no more.
  1. This Olson facemask photo tutorial by Sew can she includes kid-sized pattern templates that you can use to make surgical facemasks for children.
  1. Check out this simple video tutorial and learn how to sew a warm and stylish Neoprene surgical facemask. Gigi Patterns also has multiple-sized downloadable patterns that will guide you as you sew.
  1.  Are you jammed for time? Need a quick facemask to step out within the next 5 minutes? Nanay Express has some brilliant hacks on how to put together a DIY facemask in under 5 minutes!
  1. Did you know that you can make a disposable surgical mask out of a paper towel?  Yes, you can, and this video tutorial by Maison Zizou will show you how to do it in exactly 5 minutes!
  1. This easy facemask tutorial by Amy Lata is another great way to kick off your sewing day.
  2.  In some instances, a fabric surgical facemask with three layers of tightly woven fabric will be in a better position to keep you safe. Here is a combination of video and picture tutorials by basset to help you sew one!

So there you have it! A full list of our favorite tutorials for Sewing DIY Surgical Face Masks to guide you as you make protective gear for yourself and for people around you.

Which Is The Best Material For Making DIY Surgical Masks?

Now that you have the best tutorials to help you sew surgical facemasks from home, we found it thoughtful to help you choose the best materials to do so.

At the end of the day, we all want to ensure that our masks offer maximum protection as we go about our daily activities, and good material will do just that.

First, the material you use to sew your surgical mask should be dense, but not to the extent that you struggle to breathe through it. You need to realize that comfort will dictate the longevity of wearing your mask, and the more breathable it is, the longer you’ll wear it.

Some of the best materials for sewing DIY facemasks include:

  • Vacuum cleaner bags
  • Dishcloths (tea towels)
  • HEPA filters
  • Quilters Cotton, which is hailed for its high thread count. In case none of these materials are within your reach, you can also go for doubled up 600 thread count pillowcases, cotton blend shirt fabric, and flannel pajamas.

If you are visiting a high-risk environment, consider putting on a three-layer surgical facemask made out of breathable material.

Why Wearing Surgical Facemasks Are Good For You

As we all know, people all over the world are looking out for their safety by using facemasks to cover their faces. As expected, the spike in Covid-19 cases has triggered a worldwide shortage of medical masks, and DIY experts have had to step with making functional homemade facemasks to help fill in for the shortage.

Even though DIY surgical facemasks are not as effective as N-95 respirators, the CDC has since provided a green light for the public to use them, and we can’t help but emphasize the importance of wearing one.

By wearing your surgical facemask, you’ll be protecting yourself and other people from contracting the deadly COVID 19 virus.

For one, surgical facemasks can help filter out about 60-65% of particles when you cough in a public space, meaning that it will reduce the chances of viral particles landing on another person.

In order to ensure that your surgical facemask is effective enough, hold it up against the light. If you can see through the other side of the fabric, then this means that your mask is too porous, hence ineffective.

 Congratulations friends! By checking out these sewing DIY surgical mask tutorials, you’ve made the first step towards reducing the spread of coronavirus. With that, you are in a good place to ready your sewing tools and start sewing your DIY surgical facemasks.

Happy sewing!


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