The Best Sewing Desks for Small Spaces (2021)

Are you looking for the best sewing desks for small spaces

You’re not alone. 

Choosing the best sewing desks as you try to figure out how to setup your sewing room might be the go to option for minimalists. 

Maybe you have a tiny sewing room that can’t fit a big sewing table. Better still, you may not want to splurge thousands of cash on a mere sewing desk. 

The best sewing desks for small spaces sounds like the perfect solution if you have your sewing gear confined to a relatively small space or you just want to save some little cash for a rainy day.

Features To Look for in the Best Sewing Desks for Small Rooms 

Here is a little guide we have compiled to help you make the best choice. 

  • Usability- an efficient sewing desk has enough room for you to measure your fabrics and lay out the patterns. A table with a tape measure edge always comes in handy.
  • Storage space- When searching for the best sewing desk for small spaces, don’t compromise on storage space. We recommend you get a table with no empty space underneath. Go for one whose under-table space has been utilized and transformed into cabinets and drawers to store your extra sewing accessories.
  • Portability- we prefer you choose a table that comes with rolling and locking caster wheels so you could work on a different spot in your house. A lightweight table will also fit in this category.
  • Surface area-the best sewing desks for small spaces must have enough surface area for the sewing machine at least. The best sewing desks for small spaces leave some room for the user to do some ironing, pinning or cutting the fabric. A large surface area is more convenient for sewing.
  • Assembly- please avoid a sewing desk that is already assembled or takes too long to assemble as it could also hinder portability of the desk. A couple of hours should be enough to assemble a dismantled piece.
  • Stability-the best sewing desks for small spaces need to be stable. Unlike writing desks and desktop tables, the sewing desks house the machine which operates at a high speed and is relatively heavy. You better get a table that would not be shaky when you are working.

Let’s now focus on the best sewing desks for small spaces in terms of functionality, convenience and affordability in the market. 

Below, we have reviewed 10 sewing tables with different specifications. We are certain that you will be able to find something within your budget and space!

10 Great Sewing Desks for Small Spaces

1. Arrow 601 Gidget


The retail price of this table is $120.


The best feature is its foldable legs and drop-leaf feature for the sewing machine.

 It is also very light and can accommodate big sewing machines; although not bigger than 17-1/2” wide, and 7 3/8” deep.

The desk is made of melamine paper and MDF which are not considered robust material. This may pose as a downside of this modest looking desk. If this desk works for you, you can for it.

What do we love about this desk?

It is very convenient for use of various types of sewing projects and crafts since it offers adjustable height which allows more working room.

2.  Arrow Cabinet 500 Sewnatra Sewing Cabinet


You can get this elegant sewing for around $599.00 here at Amazon.


This sewing desk is quite impressive and worth the try. It is made of oak wood, which is widely considered very sturdy and tough. It also has built-in caster wheels.

It measures 68-7/16” wide and 19-5/8” deep and 30-1/2” tall. The desk features an air-lift mechanism enabling you to lower or lift the sewing machine so you can work comfortably.

What do we love about this desk?

This is the classic and elegant sewing desk for a tiny sewing space.. Of course, it's immaculate build and finish would be impossible to notice. Although just a little expensive, there’s no need to worry about back pain when working again.

3.  Holly and Martin SEI Lydia White Sewing Table


This impressive desk retails at $149.


 It boasts of a wide array of features making it the highest rated sewing desk. It is foldable, making it space efficient and also offers a large working space of 31.5” wide and 19” deep.

What do we love about this desk?

The eye-catching feature here is definitely the desk’s elegant, white, laminate finish. It even has base caster wheels which are rotatable and allows it to move around easily and do your projects anywhere!

4. SEI Furniture Sewing Table


Going for $127 is a reasonably priced desk.


This desk is a go to choice majorly because it has lockable caster wheels for a stable working area.

It is also foldable and occupies minimal space. It's good size and easily collapsible design makes this desk a suitable fit for many standard sewing machines.

What do we love about this desk?

 This lovely desk is budget friendly with a decent storage room of four shelves at the right.

5.  Sauder 414873 Sewing & Craft Cart


This sewing desk costs $280.


This is a very versatile sewing cabinet since it has three adjustable shelves you can use to store your tools.

The melamine top surface is heat and scratch resistant and even has easy roll casters.

What do we love about this desk?

This desk allows you to access your sewing tools within reach. It even has a drop leaf for workspace extension and two adjustable storage bins attached to the door. 

6.  Sew Steady Wish Table


You can grab this desk at an affordable price of $149.


It is a high quality desk measuring 22-1/2” by 25-1/2” thanks to its accessories that come with it.

It is packaged with a circles sewing tool and a tray that helps to organize all sewing equipment.

What do we love about this desk?

It is designed to fit small areas and has sturdy construction. You can literally fit this cute desk in any part of your room.

7.  TUFFIOM Sewing Craft Table


This sewing desk costs $136.


This lightweight table weighs only 30 pounds and features a handy drop down part that puts your machine on an adequate and adjustable height. You will have absolutely no problem with your back hurting because of too much sewing.

Another thing I like about this desk is the bottom shelf. It is just one compartment but is roomy enough to fit the majority of the sewing stuff you require.

What do we love about this desk?

We all like a functional desk and this impeccable desk features an extendable part that you can fold when not in use and extended for larger projects.

8.  Giantex White Folding Sewing Craft Cart Table


This sewing desk goes for just $169.


It is fascinating how it easily turns to a tiny cabinet when you fold it.

You may be quick to dismiss its storage space. However, it has three hidden bins and one adjustable shelf which is spacious for all your sewing tools.

Other than that, it has two lockable wheels and five swivels which makes it even more portable.

What do we love about this desk?

This sturdy desk is the very definition of versatility and is very practical. This table also has a white vinyl veneer and laminated finish. Simple, yet elegant.

9.   South Shore Crea Sewing Craft Table


We have inserted this functional pick for medium to small projects and its price is just $322.  


This desk has a large surface area providing enough working space and a strong structure that is ideal for sewing and has been designed to stay put.

It measures about 42 inches in width and 30 inches in depth and its design allows a lot of storage spaces.

What do we love about this desk?

It has a great degree of versatility by allowing you to remove the dowels. The cut out handles are designed in a way that fabric does not get snagged while working.

We cannot help but mention the elegant finish that this desk has.

10.  Kealive Folding Sewing Table


This small yet spacious desk costs $199.


The desk has a large table that's perfect for sewing projects. 

What I like most about it is that the work space may be reduced or expanded per the conveniences of the project. The top is also scratch resistant, you can place your sewing equipment on it with ease.

What do we love about this desk? 

It comes with rollers that allow you to move around with ease. An additional feature is that you can fold this table and turn it into a save space


In conclusion, choose from the compiled list of best sewing desks for small spaces, a desk that fits your type of work, specifications and one that works for your budget. 

A good quality table should redefine your sewing experience and make it wholesome. 

Happy sewing!


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