50+ Sewing Crafts To Make Make And Sell At Home

Are you looking for great sewing crafts to make and sell at home? Maybe you’re thinking of opening your crafts shop on Etsy but you’re still undecided on what to sell.

Whatever the case, you’ve come to the right place!   There are endless ideas to the sewing crafts you can make and sell at home.

Whether you are looking for creative small businesses to start or want to make money doing what you love, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at some fun ideas and best sellers in craft fairs, and start making your crafts!

Let’s jump into it.

Table mats are always a delight, especially for the holidays. Play around with the patterns and colors. You can also try using two or three fabrics to create reversible placemats.Enter your text here...

Looking for something fun to do with your leftover fabrics? Zippered pouches are just the idea. These small zippered bags are a great gift, especially for kids. Just get creative with the patterns and fabric choices.

Looking for something fun to do with your leftover fabrics? Zippered pouches are just the idea. These small zippered bags are a great gift, especially for kids. Just get creative with the patterns and fabric choices.

Pillowcases are always in demand as long as you are creative and put in amazing ideas. Try different fabrics, decorations, and patterns for unique pillow covers.

There is something about crossbody bags that's just so cool. Also, their accessibility makes them a gem. Use leftover fabric pieces and get creative. Crossover bags are a trending item meaning great designs will be a sale.

A well-sewn yoga bag can is another idea for a sewn craft to sell. Ensure it can fit a variety of sizes and play around with patterns and colors.

Nobody likes finding remotes lying all over or getting lost in the house. A chic DIY remote caddy is an excellent idea to make and sell at home. Everybody will love it.

Ladies would totally love a handy and cute sanitary pouch pad. Start by making one for yourself. You can make these sewing crafts with any leftover fabrics from bigger pieces.

A good pom pom blanket comes handy for those chilly winter evenings. Choose colors that complement each other and those that are warm.

These are the fastest and cheapest sewing craft idea ever. You can use scrap fabric and still come up with an amazing gift and decor items. Use fabrics with different patterns and sizes.

Sleeping masks can be designed from the pieces of fabric leftover when making bigger pieces. You can also use different stitches to create beautiful patterns on the mask.

Looking for an inspiring idea for tablets? A well-designed tablet holder with professional or playful patterns is a great idea.

These are another simple idea that can fetch you good money. These bags are just effortless, which is another reason people love them for shopping, carrying books and supplies, etc.

Forget those boring shower curtains you got from the thrift store. Shower curtains are one of the easiest sewing crafts to make and sell from home...especially on places like Etsy. You can sew some spectacular curtain showers for your home and selling.

Decorative ornaments are also a hot seller in craft markets. Come up with unique and amazing ideas and see how they sell.

Get those laptops and iPad covered up to avoid scratching and fingerprints all over. Go for different patterns for some cool pieces.

You can also try making toy organizers for kids who don't like picking after themselves and see how they transform.

Another great idea for your home first aid kit! Use fabric that does not get dirty easily and ensure the kit has several compartments for all the items that go in a first aid kit.

Use some leftover fabrics to create a ruffled decoration for your walls. For instance, you can come up with amazing ruffled hearts for valentines.

This is another simple and creative idea that will blow minds. You can design a single tissue pouch or one with small pouches for hand sanitizer, tampons, and lip glosses.

Who wouldn't love cute oven mitts with patterns and colors? Ensure you use heavy fabric or several layers of fabric to design these mitts. The interior fabric should also be an inch longer than the outer one to make a hem from it.

Potholders can also be stylish and colorful. Sewing these crafts and selling them in your Esty shop is an excellent idea. They are a great replacement for the metal holders.

Finally, something beautiful to hold your toothbrush when traveling! Toothbrushes are usually the most misplaced items when traveling, making it easier to just buy a new one. That’s one reason this sewing craft will sell in a minute. Ensure the wrap has several compartments for holding other personal effects.

A headband is also a great idea for those who love holding their hair back or for the gym. Play around with colors, patterns and seems to come up with different designs of headbands.

I hate throwing things inside my purse without a definite position. Have you ever tried reaching for a pen but pulled out your mascara? That's the kind of embarrassment purse organizers save you from.

Another great idea for everyday use and gifts! Workout bands for phones and iPods are also an excellent idea to make and sell at home. Ensure they are secure and safe to hold the electronics.

This is another idea for buyers looking to add a touch of color and playful style to their home. These sweater knot pillows are very easy to make, and you can design them to any shape to fit different living rooms.

Plain colored bibs can be a bit too boring even for your kids. Some color here and there and amazing patterns could teach your kid recognition and make feeding time fun.

Earphones with codes can be frustrating, especially when they tangle, and you need to take forever to untangle them. Earbud pouches come in handy f you don't want your original earbuds getting lost or tangled.

This is another great idea that will be great for your home and selling in your Esty shop. Add some decor to a simple lace fabric, and you are good to go.

Sew different napkins for the dining table. Be playful with the patterns and sizes.

A holder for every cold bottle to absorb the moisture and prevent hands from freezing is an excellent sewing craft idea.

Say bye-bye to a boring and basic kitchen with stylish casserole holders.

Everyone has a story with cables and chargers and tangling. A well-sewn cable cozy is a great way to do away with this issue.

Pencil pouches are high in demand for holding pens and pencils in a backpack or handbag.

Get creative with some monstrous and beautiful stuffed toys with the leftover and scrap fabrics.

Try simple yet adorable designs to come up with hand sanitizer holders that make dispensing easier.

Say goodbye to looking for a needle in a haystack. Sew some needlebook lanyard where you can put your needles when not in use.

The best thing about these bags is you cannot run out of ideas on how to sew them. Whether its fruit bags or veggies, just get creative!

Diaper holders are a great idea when targeting new moms. Ensure these holders are creative and convenient.

Tired of misplacing your makeup brushes and sponges? A makeup holder is a great idea for a handy sewn craft to sell.

You can never run out of ideas for the scrap fabric you have been saving. These letters can come in handy for teaching kids in a fun way.

Try sewing some floor pillows for kids to play around with. Get creative with the patterns and sizes.

Another amazing DIY project is sewing creative key holders from leftover fabric from previous projects.

Ensure the stand is stable enough so the user can enjoy using the iPad comfortably. You can also play around with patterns and designs.

Just when you thought there is no more, you can do with fabric! Sew your canines, some lovely leashes.

You can't run out of ideas with bags. A drawstring travel bag is another idea you can play around with different colors and designs.

Play around with the patterns to make bathing time fun for the kids. You can add some cartoons and animation characters they will love.

A sunbathing bag can be designed in endless ways. Ensure it has side pockets for accessories like sunglasses and sunscreen.

Are you tired of plain passport covers? Try getting creative with some fabric!

An environmental and decorative fabric bin is the best seller in Esty shops and craft markets. Ensure its washable.

So there you have it, friends! Take advantage of this time and come up with some creative sewing crafts that you can make and sell at home!

We hope that this post gets your creative juices flowing and shows you that it is possible to earn extra revenue and from sewing.  

Happy sewing!


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