Janome Sewing Machine Reviews

With all fairness; it’s undisputable that very few companies have achieved what Janome has. Hopefully our Jenome Sewing Machine reviews will get you inspired to take a closer look into investing in these machines for your sewing projects.

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Michley Electronics Inc. isn’t more than 2 decades old on the market. However, it has already built a name and grabbed an incredible market share for itself.

This company was established in 2005 in Silicon Valley, California. Michley is found in different names including Tivax, MiTraveler, and Lil’ Sew and Sew. It also contracts its services to other marketers.

Features of Janome Sewing Machines

  • superior design
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Ease of Use

Though this depends on your level of experience and the type of machine you’re using, each machine comes with an easy-to-comprehend manual. This makes it easy for the student and novice sewists to develop their skills without much hassle. Even better, in case you’ve misplaced your handy manual, you can always download another one from their website without any cost.

Some additional features of Janome Sewing Machines are that they are: 

Versatile Machines

Janome has been able to distance itself from other manufacturers by creating sewing machines for all purposes. Whether you need a small handheld tool for quick on-the-move fixes or a large desktop machine for heavy-duty use, you can be sure to find one from Michley.

This means that, if you’re a novice, you can always get a unit to get you started before advancing to other sophisticated machines. Their handheld Michley ZDML-2 is amongst the smallest contenders you can order for right away.

This device is handy especially if you have some small-scale jobs involving repairing seams and hems amongst other lightweight projects.

Easy Maintenance

This is another feature that cuts across most of this brand’s machines. Most of its units come with covers. This helps in preventing dust, lint, pet’s fur, and dust from invading your machine. For those that come without the cover, the compact size makes it easy for you to design one.

Moreover, their customer care support is unrivaled. They can always be contacted either by e-mail or telephone for any help regarding troubleshooting. Michley Sewing machines have also been constructed in a simple-to-maneuver design that lets your local machine repairer work on it without much hassle.

Availability of Spare Parts

Michley’s sewing machine’s spare parts are readily available, unlike in other brands. What’s more impressive is that some models from this brand are sold with spare parts, which is a great relief to the users.

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