35+ Inspiring Sewing Room Designs

Looking for some inspiring sewing room designs to help inspire your own space? Ready to give your current sewing room a fresh look? Want to come up with a magazine-worthy sewing room that sizzles? Look no farther my friend, because you’ve just clicked on the right article to help you do that. 

Nothing beats the feeling of owning an elegant sewing room that fuels your enthusiasm  even on those dull sewing days. 

An  ideal sewing room design will perfectly house your sewing accessories, give you ample space to transition from one sewing activity to the next, and awaken your creativity as soon as you step into it. 

And this being a dream for most sewists, we are here with 35+ inspiring sewing room designs to help spruce your space into a stylish, functional, and modest work of art. 

 Actually, these designs are so enticing that you’ll want to try them in other dedicated rooms within your house. It could be your sewing room, home office,  or even your kid’s crafts room. 

From brilliant sewing room decoration tips to plenty of storage hacks for organizing a small space, read on for some dapper sewing room design ideas. 

Our Favorite Sewing Room Designs and Layout Ideas

So without blagging too much, let’s get down to it. Here is our roundup and list of favorite sewing room designs to inspire your space:

#1:  Raise your hands if you would like to have all your sewing accessories neatly displayed on a stylish pegboard!

This inspiring sewing room design by Oh Happy Day is one of our favorites thanks to how spacious and fashionable it looks.

#2:  Does the thought of working in a small sewing space make you cringe? Get yourself one of these L-shaped sewing tables to maximize on the little space you have.  What better way to exploit a sewing corner than this easy design

#3:  We can’t stop obsessing over this cute 5*5 cube organizer. What a clever way to store all your handy craft supplies in one place, and to play around with fun colors.

And if you’ve hit a wall with your fabric storage, ideas from Sweet Red Poppy will get you back on your feet. 

#4:  This easy sewing room design by Raising up Rubies will teach you how to blend a crafts room into a dining room without breaching boundaries. The multi-functional dining table serves as spectacular storage for anyone with small space.

#5:  Peeking into such a stylish and organized sewing room makes you want to snatch it from its owner.

Cheerful pops of color all over  and creative maximization of wall space. Instead of having your mannequins standing there looking pretty, let them carry your tape measures for you. Everything about this sewing room design is just spot on!  

#6:  Love having your kids around as you get lost in your sewing world? Anna White has some brilliant tips to help get the most out of your space.

This design leaves some wiggle room for bringing in furniture that will act as your kid’s creative spot, hence offering great company when you feel lonely. And the DIY modern sewing table is simply stunning.  

#7:  Obsessed with cute wall storage ideas? We absolutely loved these cute shelves by Maria Elena's Decor. The layout is effortlessly brilliant, and with the excellent lighting situation as it is, this design will steal your heart.

#8:  Still worried about how your sewing corner will turn out? This simple layout by  The Borrowed Abode is proof that compact spaces can still be beautiful.

It’s a clever way to embellish a small sewing corner using easy-to-access items like family photographs and wooden shelves. 

#9:  There’s something about white walls that makes a room look so angelic. The white bookcases in this sewing room design offer an aesthetic display of the colorful sewing accessories, and there’s plenty of storage space to fit everything.

#10:  This minimalistic yet inspiring sewing room design by Hey Let's Make Stuff will steal your heart.

Black and white is the answer to any color combination questions you may have, and they did it so perfectly. The neatly displayed colorful fabric will inspire you to get your own wire and wood shelf on a whim. We are in love. 

#11:  Some of us thrive on having pops of color carelessly splashed within our space. And fresh paint is the surest way to level up your vanilla sewing room into a chic and lovable sanctuary. 

This particular design thrives on bright walls, a colorful chair, and cheerful throw pillows. The front facing sewing table also means that you can easily engage with customers or any other person coming into the room. Check out this sewing room by Tasha Horsley and tell us what you think.

#12:  Are you a sewing enthusiast that travels often? This mobile sewing studio design by The Country Chic Cottage will help you stay on top of your sewing game even amid your frequent trips.

The vibe in this crafts room is a blend of vintage and contemporary, which makes it even more unique. 

#13:  When it comes to reliable storage solutions, wire Baskets will never let you down. This inspiring sewing room design by Honey Bear Lane makes the most out of the wall and under-table space without leaving any small space to chance.

#14:  Here’s how to transform your closet into an alluring work station without excluding your favorite bold colors. Everything about this sewing room design by   Pretty Healthy House  is simply genius.


#15: The stunning DIY wall decor in this sewing room is one of our favorite things about it. On top of that, the fabric display makes it look like a radiant showroom  and who wouldn’t love that? 

#16:  This walk-in sewing closet by  Live Free Creativequalifies as a simple yet very clever design.

The over-the-door hanging storage ensures that all the sewing supplies are just a stretch away, and the top shelves are a safe haven for your valuable fabric collection. Brilliant!

#17:  This studio’s layout screams efficiency. Big window to allow some glorious natural light, and two working tables for sewing and cutting.

Yellow walls signify a bright and cheerful mood and we can only imagine how fulfilling it is to craft in this room. 

#18:  If you’ve been in the sewing game for many years, chances are high that you’ve accumulated loads of sewing supplies within your space. 

In case your current setup is locking out some of your favorite work tools, this beautiful sewing room design by Happiness is homemade will come to your rescue.

The mint green, massive pegboard is eye-catching to say the least,  and her supplies are neatly tucked behind adorable storage cubbies. Call  it a mini-crafts store. 

#19:  Looking for a flexible crafts room design that will double up as a home office or library?

Check out Persialou’s design to see how you can fit your bookshelves, sewing table(s), office desk and inspiration board in one room without cluttering it. 

#20: Some of us just have a soft spot for colorful fabric collections, and you may be looking for an efficient yet aesthetic display for yours.  

You are in luck, because the view from this sewing room by Craftaholics Anonymous will have any fabric lover drooling into walls.

The hanging fabric organization is unique, and the astounding lighting solutions makes the whole room stand out. Not to mention the chandelier, the vibrant milkcart-storage station, and a touch of bright party lights. Magical!

#21: You can never go wrong with having your workstation take center stage. This wonderful quilt room design by We All Sew is spacious, lovely, and functional.

The massive wall art is the focal point of the room’s decor, and a nice way to display complete quilting  projects. 

#22: Here’s another fun sewing room design for hands on sewists. A big chunk of the wall decor is entirely DIY and they still come out perfect. Together with the high shelvings and tons

#23: See, the dream sewing studio doesn’t have to be sophisticated and pinterest-worthy. Some of us  just love keeping our sewing rooms simple, functional and organized. 

If this describes your taste too, then this easy sewing room design by Sew confident will inspire you to revamp and organize your space without breaking the bank.

24:  Isn’t this closet desk idea  so lovable? It’s perfect for a beginner sewist who is just starting out with a few sewing supplies and squeezed space.

#25:  A turquoise blue storage cart, cute flower wall decor and a cozy seat to host you when hand stitching. 

There’s no denying that White House Black Shutters did all of us proud with this simplistic yet fancy sewing room design.

#26:  This colorful sewing studio by Springleaf studios is nothing complex.  The window blind opens smoothly to give way to lots of natural light, and the radiant fabric colors makes the room even more cheerful.

The iron board is positioned just next to your sewing station such that you can easily switch positions when need be.  

#27:  If you prefer having all your storage boxes at an arm's length as you sew, here’s an inspirational design to help you nail it.

The wooden pull out drawers offer ample space for fitting all your supplies and still gives you enough working surface for your sewing projects. 

#28:  Starting out with a small corner within your bedroom? This Hide away sewing cabinet by Lindy Cottage hills is proof that space shouldn’t be a limitation.

#29:  Is there a better way to stay motivated than through inspirational wall writings? The stunning wall decor in this sewing room design will make you want to camp in it  the whole day. Not to mention the refreshing paint color and well-arranged shelves. Heaven. 

#30:  This Small Sewing room and office space design from Poofy Cheeks is Perfect for small spaces.

#31:  We loved the floor design of this particular crafts room. No cleaning hassle and easy time locating supplies if you drop them.

The bright, flowing drapes help in retaining the room’s warmth on cold days in addition to being decorative. And being as big as it is, it can also serve as a quilting room. 

#32:  This multi-functional, DIY sewing table by Being Brook is perfect for tiny teeny spaces.

The surface is spacious enough to accommodate both sewing and cutting, and it also has sufficient storage space underneath. It’s also collapsible once you are done sewing. 

#33:  Who knew a dual, wooden crafts table had this much potential! Sufficient pull out drawers for your supplies, and everything is within an arm’s reach for everyone.

You can choose to share it with another crafter within the house without compromising on your sanity. So neat, and so tidy. Craftaholics anonymous deserve an award for this one.

#34:  What an ingenious way to maximize vertical space! Put up an inspirational board  and store all your spools of thread above it. We are not leaving anything to chance.

#35:  This cottage sewing room design by The Cottage Mama leaves nothing to your imagination. Lots of shelves and organizers, plus a pretty carpet on the floor.

#36:  Don’t we all love it cozy? This crafts room houses a fun pegboard, exciting colors, super-comfy chair and bee-you-tee-full art accessories. And we won’t act blind to those cute storage jars. Irresistible.  

Wrapping up the Post

So, there you have it! You can draw inspiration for your sewing room from any of the inspiring sewing room designs above. 

And have you checked out our E-book yet? We have some more brilliant hacks and advice on how to come up with a Sewing room that sizzles.

We’ve put together a 50+ workbook thats complete with a 31-day design calendar and guide to help you level up and rebrand your sewing room. Don’t settle for less when you can bring some style, fun, and cheer into your sewing room. 

We hope you found our roundup of inspiring sewing designs helpful and exciting. 

Happy designing!


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