French Door Curtain Tutorial: How to Make the Perfect Pair

There’s no denying it, French doors are elegant. They require curtains that are just as chic. Get tips on how to make the perfect French door curtain pair.

Oh do we have some awesome french door curtain tutorials for you my friend! Here at SheLoves2Sew, we are all about making life easier and not harder.

We have decided to put together our DIY on a budget version of a tutorial on making a pair of french door curtains.

French doors are becoming increasingly popular among numerous home owners around the globe. They add a delightful elegance to your house. Since they’re made of glass, they allow natural light to flood into any room.

However, French doors may also allow noise and curious eyes to perforate into the room because of their transparency. This is why you require some chic curtains. Sure, you may decide to use sheer curtains instead, but they won’t have as much visual appeal as these curtains.

French Door Curtain Requirements

In order to make your curtains, here is what you will need:

  • Some fabric
  • Measuring tape
  • Thread to match your fabric
  • Sharp scissors
  • Straight pins/bobby pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Lightweight window curtain rods (you can get them from your local WalMart or or a magnetic curtain rod if you have metal doors
  • An electric drill

After you have gathered all of your necessary to make your curtains, here is what you need to do next…

Step 1: Measure your french doors to determine how much fabric you will need for your project.  You want to make sure that you add at least 1-2 inches to the top and bottom of your measurements.

Step 2:  Use your iron to remove all wrinkles and anything in your fabric that could potentially throw off your measurements

Step 3:  Cut your fabric.  Be sure to measure your fabric a couple of times and write down your measurements so that you can refer back to them

Step 4:  On a smooth surface, lay out your fabric and start adding stick pins to the edges of your curtain panels to prepare them for your sewing machine.  Leave 2-3 inches at the top of your fabric for your curtain rod to fit into.

Step 5:  With your sewing machine ready, start sewing together the edges of your fabric. Do this for both of your curtain panels.

Sewing Edges of Curtains Example (

Step 6:  At the top of your curtain panels, flip over 1/2 of the fabric. Next, stitch a seam across the entire top of the fabric to secure the stitch in place. Repeat this for both of your curtain panels.

Step 7: Above your french doors, use your electric drill to drill holes for your curtain rods.

Step 8: Hang your curtains on the rods and place them above your french door!

Now, we are all about step by step written tutorials, but with projects like these, video goes a long way.  Here’s a few handy videos that show you how to create your curtains and hang them.

First up is a video by the folks at the showing you how to make a rod pocket curtain. In theory, this is the same thing we are covering in this post.

To hang your french door curtains, we recommend checking out this video below to see some of the different styles and options that you use for inspiration:

Happy Sewing!


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