50+ Free Sewing Machine Quilt Patterns (Perfect for Beginners)

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When we put together a list of the best sewing machines for quilting we figured it would be a good idea to create a list of free sewing machine quilting patterns that you can use to create a quilt of your choice.    

What Does this Roundup of Sewing Machine Quilt Patterns Include?

Were glad you asked!

Our roundup list includes more than 50+ free sewing machine quilt patterns that you can use as guides and inspiration for your quilting projects. 

We’ve also added a list of recommended quilting tools that you can use as well.

But before we get into the list of patterns, let’s first go over a few quilting basics and things that you should be aware of.


Quilting Basics for Beginners: 3 Tips for Making Your Projects Easier!

In the sewing world, some quilts are easier to put together vs others.  Here are a few tips that we’ve put together to make your quilting projects a tad bit easier:

Tip #1:  Use quilt patterns with precuts in them

Instead of trying to make intricate cuts of fabric for your quilts, its best to use pre-cut quilt patterns to make your quilting project a lot easier.

PreCut Quilting Fabric Example

Pre-cut fabric (as the name implies) just means that the patterns are already cut into the pieces that you need to make your quilt.

The only thing that you will need to do is to make sure that your measurements are on point.


Tip #2:  Use larger pieces of fabric for your quilts

Instead of fiddling around with small pieces of fabric for your quilting projects, larger pieces of fabric will make it easier for you sew your quilts together.  

Quilting Fabric Examples

Plus when you have larger pieces of fabric and etc to add to your quilt, your seams will be easier to sew as well. 


Tip #3: Use quilt patterns that have large shapes in them (circles, squares, rectangles)

Here again, the larger the quilt pattern you use, the easier your sewing project will be.  Using larger shapes will also make sure that you don’t get overwhelmed with putting your quilt together.  


Tip #4: Use the correct Quilt Size for your project

Before you decide to make a quilt, you need to make sure that you know what size the quilt needs to be and what for (i.e, Queen Size Bed, King Bed, Baby Crib)

These quilt sizes and dimensions are listed and displayed below:

Quilt Sizes and Dimensions Chart



As you start making quilts, be sure to use this as a guide to write down the measurements for your quilt before putting your fabric and patterns together.


What Are the Best Tools for Quilters? 

Finding the right tools for a quilting project can be down right intimidating and overwhelming – especially if you’re new to quilting.

To take away the overwhelming fear of hunting down tools to use for your quilting projects, we’ve compiled a simple list of tools and materials that will make your sewing projects easier: 

Recommended Quilting Tools

Quilting Materials

  • The backing of your quiltthis is the fabric that you add to the back of your quilt.  Most quilters use quilting cotton on the back of their quilts. However, if you don’t want to use quilting cotton the back of your quilt, you can definitely get creative and use something else like bed sheets or fleece material.
  • Fabric strips/binding – these are pieces of fabric that you will use to hold the quilt together.  When you’re binding quilts. This post from Suzy Quilts shows you exactly how to add binding to your quilts. 


Our List of 50+Free Sewing Machine Quilt Patterns 

Okay, so, we’ve covered a ton of quilting basics, listed out the standard quilt dimensions and have also added a list of tools to use for creating Quilts. 

Without further ado…

Here is our list of 50+free sewing machine quilt patterns with links to the corresponding quilts:

Free Lattice Quilt Sewing Machine Patterns

What can we say about the Lattice Quilt Pattern other than this:

It’s one of our favorite quilt designs and a popular one in the quilting community! 

The lattice design is formed with the different strips of fabric that you add to your quilt.

The strips that you add to your quilt will be woven and sewn together to give your quilt a “lattice” appearance throughout (like the images shown below)

Free Lattice Sewing Machine Quilt Patterns

Here is our list of fun and inspiring free quilt patterns that you can use to create lattice quilts like a Pro: 

#1:  Brick Wall Pattern Lattice Quilt:  a fun and easy brick wall pattern from Happy Quilting that uses pre-cut fabrics in a brick wall pattern to give it a “brick wall” effect.

#2:  Sunny Skies Lattice Quilt: a quilt pattern from Megan Pitz at the Missouri Star Blog that features a 16-patch and chevron block design.

#3:  Layer Cake Lattice Quilt Pattern a quick and EASY quilt pattern tutorial from the Fat Quarter Shop that requires only one quilt kit to complete the quilt. The quilt pattern is then layered to create a layer cake design.

#4:  Broken Lattice Free Quilt Patterns –  a quilt pattern from Hello Melly Designs uses 10-pre-cut squares broken into pieces in a lattice style and pattern.

#5:    Easy Safari Charm Party Square Quilt Patternan easy and beginner friendly quilt made from safari themed quilt packs and lattice strips. 

#6:   Winnie the Pooh Free Quilt Pattern: a fun quilt pattern from the Bear Creek Quilting Company and lattice design inspired by Disney’s Winnie the Pooh cartoon character (or a cartoon themed quilt pattern of your choice). 

#7:   4-Patch Slice Free quilt pattern: a great quilt pattern from the Inspiring Creations Blog from made with charm squares from pre-cut fabric packs (which make it a breeze to put this quilt together)

#8Salt Air Lattice Quilt Pattern: a beautiful quilt that Mommy By Day Crafter By Night created with a modal layer cake design to trim down on your cutting time

#9:  Peaches and Cream Quilt Pattern: this quilt pattern and tutorial from Simple Simon and Company with fabric choices and colors inspired by “peaches” or any food that you like to make in your kitchen.

#10:   Jelly Roll Jam Free Quilt Patterna fun quilt pattern that pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop that Vanessa from VandCo  shows you how to use to create a beautiful jelly roll inspired quilt for kids.


Free Patchwork Quilt Sewing Machine Patterns

Interested in creating a patchwork quilt? There’s good news… 

Patchwork quilts are some of the easiest types of quilts that you can create.  You can get as creative as you want and use a ton of different fabrics in patchwork quilts.   

Without further ado, here’s our list of free quilt patterns:

#1: Simple Patchwork Quilt Pattern – a quilt pattern that Melissa from Polka Dot Chair created using squared patches like these from the Fabric Shop to create a patchwork styled quilt.

#2:  Earth day quilt pattern – an easy to follow quilt pattern shared from the AQSblog that you can use with a few fabric packs to create a nature inspired quilt.

#3:  Simple bricks free quilt pattern – a simple quilt pattern shared by Andy from A Bright Corner that you can use to create a quilt with a “brick look” using fabric choices of your liking.

#4:  Chicken blocks quilt pattern  – this is an awesome block style quilt pattern that you can use with your choice of farm based fabric to create it.  Emily from Quiltlylove used this tutorial to create the chicken patches for the quilt and basic fabric to complete the rest of the quilt.

#5:  Interlocking O’s quilt block pattern – a modern quilt pattern and design using Interlocking O shaped fabric from strips of fabric shared via Fabric406.com

#6:  Fat quarter fizz quilt Pattern – an easy and super beginner friendly quilt pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop that Melissa from HappyQuilting.com shows you how to use to create a beautiful quilt using both light and dark print fabrics.

#7:  Paddle wheel quilt block a fun and scrappy quilt pattern shared by Fabric406.com that is made from different strips of fabric to give your quilt a “paddle wheel block” effect 

#8: Comfort and joy free pattern – a great quilt pattern from made with colorful fabrics that A Bright Corner used to add pinwheels and patches to the quilts design.

#9Hexagon quilt patterna fun quilt pattern shared by Polka Dot Chair made with random selections of fabric (cut into large hexagon squares) that you can make for any season

#10: Patchwork Quilt Along Pattern : a simple and extremly beginner friendly quilt design shared by Amy from Diary of a Quilter. This quilt is made with an assortment of quilt blocks sewn together in the design of the quilt.


Free Baby Quilt Sewing Machine patterns

Planning to sew a baby quilt for a new addition to your family?  Or do you want to create a baby quilt that you can gift someone with?   

Free Baby Quilt Sewing Machine Patterns

Either way…these 10 quilt patterns will help you put together a beautiful baby quilt you can be proud to share: 

Check out these inspiring baby quilt patterns below:

#1:  Elephant Parade Baby Quilt Pattern: an adorable quilt pattern for babies that features different elephants and animals prints of your choice.

#2:  Four Square Baby Quilt Pattern: a great baby quilt pattern inspired by the childrens “four squared”game that uses simple printed fabrics to bring the quilt together.

#3:  A Fat Quarter Baby Quilt Pattern: a beginner friendly quilt pattern made with blends and mixes of vibrant fabric cut into fat quarters (aka a 1/2 yard of fabric sewn together) to create the quilt.

#4:  Going Up Baby Quilt Pattern: a simple quilt pattern that features a mixture of playful childrens fabric sewn together to create chevron blocks in the quilt.  Keera from Live Love Sew shares a great tutorial here.

#5Squared Quiltthis free baby quilt pattern from Suzy Quilts  is perfect for beginners that features a mixture of playful children’s fabrics sewn together in large squares. 

#6: Deep Blue Sea Baby Quilta beautiful and free quilt pattern from Kitchen Table Quilting that once sewn together looks like beautiful ocean waves 

#7:  Color Blocked Baby Quilt: an adorable and beginner friendly quilt pattern shared by Polka Dot Chair thats easy peasy to create. This quilt features a great blend of light, medium and dark squares that you can get from quilt packs

#8:  Weekend Baby Quilt: a cute quilt pattern shared by Village Bound Quilts that you can sew together (in a weekend) using gender neutral colors and prints

#9:  Low Volume Baby Quilt:  a free quilt pattern shared by Jera from Quilting in the Rain that features different mixes of colorful fabric cut into medium sized squares

#10:  Scrappy and Easy Rainbow Baby Quilt – a scrappy quilt pattern using rainbow colored quilt fabric shared by Alicia at Sew What Alicia


Miniature Quilt Sewing Machine Patterns

Want to start off small by making a miniature quilt? 


Miniature Quilts are super easy to make and are great sewing projects for beginners.

Free Mini Quilt Sewing Machine Patterns

If you’re ready to get started with creating your first mini quilt, check out this list and roundup of mini quilt tutorials that we are sure will get your creative juices flowing.

#1:  Nine Patch Mini Quilt:  a great Valentines day inspired mini quilt pattern that Amy from Diary of a Quilter shares plus a full tutorial for constructing the quilt.

#2: Grandfather’s Lap Quilt Pattern: a quilt pattern using fat quarter quilting packs that Simple Simon and Company created that is inspired by grandparents

#3: Friendship Mini Quilt:  an awesome quilt pattern that features a friendship star that the folks from SewCanShe share a tutorial for creating

#4:  Pineapple Mini Quilt:  a fun and inspiring mini quilt pattern shared by Shayla and Kristy from Sassfras Lane that features a cute little pineapple in the middle of the quilt.

#5: Heart Mini Quilt:  this is a great beginner friendly and valentines day mini quilt from Canoe Ridge Creations that any sewing enthusiast can make


Denim Quilt Sewing Machine Patterns

Have some old jeans or denim clothes that you’re thinking about getting rid of? If you do, you may want to reconsider throwing them away after checking out these denim quilt sewing patterns.   

Free Denim Quilt Patterns

Here is a list of free denim quilt patterns that were stoked to share with you:

#1:  The Regent — A Liberty & Denim Quilt:  the perfect weekend quilt project created with simple block patterns and mixtures of denim fabrics

#2:  4 Free Denim Patterns: a great collection of more than 25+ free denim quilt patterns that any seamstress or quilter will enjoy

#3:  River Espresso Ohio Star Quilt:  this beautiful denim quilt pattern features the “Ohio star” in the middle of it with a piece of strip border.

#4:  Charm On Point Quilt:  a quilt pattern that you can add a playful fabric with toy cars or jeeps for children to… to bring it to life

#5:  Ombre Denim Quilt:  a creative quilt using denim strips from old jeans that Autumn from (Its Always Autumn) shows you how to create like a PRO!


Other Amazing & Free Sewing Machine Quilt Patterns

Alright guys!

We’ve come to the final roundup and list of free sewing machine quilt patterns.

Here’s a list of additional resources and links to creative quilt projects that will inspire your next quilting project:

Additional Free Sewing Machine Quilt Patterns02

Here is a list of 12+ additional resources that have FREE quilt patterns (and tutorials) to round things off:

#1:  Easy Four-Patch Quilt Pattern: an easy rag quilt pattern that you can create that has five different types of fabric to spice it up.

#2:  Floral Rag Quilt Pattern: an easy peasy rag quilt pattern that you can make with beautiful floral patterns (like these).

#3:  Pixel Hart Pattern: a cute quilt pattern that features a “pixel” heart in the middle of the fabric. 

#4:  Bookcase Pattern: beautiful quilt pattern that has a bookcase sewn into it that we sure will be a show stopping piece.

#5:  Modern Baskets Quilt : great quilt pattern that uses modern basket blocks with assorted colors in the design of the quilt.

#6:  Pineapple Log Cabin Quilt: this quilt pattern has simple pineapple quilt blocks in the design.

#7:  Disappearing 9 Patch Quilt: a fun quilt pattern that features a mixture of black and white fabrics as accents that make for a beautiful valentines day inspired quilt.

#8: Easy Striped Quilt: a striped quilt pattern made with just two different types of fabrics that you can make in a weekend.

#9:  Hidden Garden Quilt Pattern:  a free quilt pattern that you can make in less than 2 days made with cute leaves (from different kinds of fabric) of your choice.

#10: Farmhouse Star Quilt Pattern: a quilt pattern featuring an oversized start with a great mixture of black and white fabrics.

#11: Minimal Triangle Quilt Patterns : a cute quilt pattern made with assorted fabric cut into triangles.

#12:  Retro Plaid Quilt Pattern:  a fun quilt pattern created with an assortment of Chevron shaped fabrics that sure to catch anyones eye.


Wrapping Up

There you have it guys! 50+ free sewing machine quilt patterns that you can use to create beautiful quilts.  We truly hope that you enjoyed this roundup post.  

As a reminder, if youre looking for a list of the best sewing machines for quilting projects, you can head here to check out our reviews. 

Happy Sewing! 


Shelly is the main editor and author of this website. She is passionate about helping fellow sewing enthusiasts find the right sewing machine for your sewing projects plus design beautiful sewing spaces that inspire your creativity. If you're ready to DIY a stunning sewing room (on a budget), be sure to check out the Sewing Room that Sizzles Workbook bundle (complete with a 50+ page workbook) and two Bonus Guides that will put you on the fast track to setting up, designing and organizing a sewing room that is TOTALLY you (on a shoestring budget).

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