The Top 5 Places to Buy a Sewing Machine (2020)

Are you confused on where to buy a good sewing machine? We’ve got you!

We understand that a sewing machine is the heart of any sewing hobby or professional sewing career.  

However, buying a sewing machine that fulfills all your sewing needs is no walk in the park. While quality and price are on the top of every shopper's list,  it's not always clear where to buy a great sewing machine.

In this article, we look at the top 5 places to buy a sewing machine, including the most important features you should look for in one.

Here’s the best part- all the sites we have reviewed in this article offer only the best sewing machines in quality and prices. 

Take a look!

1. Joann Fabric

Joann, previously known as Joann's fabric, is the one-stop-shop for everything sewing projects. Joann is widely known as the home of plush fabric, and their sewing machines are no exception. 

Whether you are looking for sewing fabric at affordable prices, knitting, and sewing supplies or sewing machines, Joann has got you!

Joann has everything you are looking for in sewing machines. Whether you are looking for an electric, manual, mechanical, computerized, embroidery, heavy-duty, quilting sewing machines, among other types.

The shop also stocks sewing machines from different manufacturers. Whether you are looking for Janome, singer, or brother sewing machines, Joann presents a variety to choose from. There is nothing you need that you won't find on Joann.

Since there are very many machines to choose from, the online shop allows you to shop by category.

Time is money, right?

Apart from saving your coins, Joann also saves your time! There are different categories, including the manufacturers and types of machines.

You can also filter your search by brand and price to make your search easier. You can choose to have your machine shipped to your home, or you can collect it at the nearest store for free.

We love that this site is very keen to offer affordable prices. Make sure that you take advantage of coupons, in-store offers, sales, and weekly ads to save while you buy a sewing machine

Okay, seriously, what would we do without Amazon? Whether you need household stuff, foodstuff, electronics, name it, Amazon has it all

Amazon is also a hub of arts, crafts, and sewing equipment. You can get anything from sewing supplies, some fabrics, sewing desks, sewing tables, and now, sewing machines.

The best thing about Amazon is the variety. We all like to have a wide range to choose from, especially when you are still finding your niche. The sewing machines on amazon are also nothing less of high quality.

You can find different sewing machines from embroidery machines, quilting machines, industrial machines, and sergers and overlock sewing machines. The site also stocks machines from various brands such as Brother, Singer, Janome, Varmax, and more.

We love that Amazon arranges its products from bestsellers if you have a hard time choosing any one brand.

There are also various sewing machines at different prices. If you are on a budget, we would recommend

You can also find sewing machines parts and accessories to go with the sewing machine. You can narrow down your search by sorting according to new releases, most wished for, gift ideas, price, etc. is worth checking out!

3. Walmart

Walmart is another popular place to look when you are searching for sewing equipment and knitting supplies. 

Most Walmart outlets have a place for sewing, art and craft supplies. As we have mentioned in another article, you may not find various fabrics and supplies in Walmart.

However, when it comes to sewing machines, does not disappoint. You will be amazed at how much variety the store has to offer. allows you to narrow your search by choosing a price, brand, expertise level, and even special offers.

The prices range from $0-$800+. Again, you can narrow down on the price categories they offer, for instance, $0-$75 or $350-$400, etc. 

Under brands, you will find everything from Singer, Janome, Lyumo, Bernina, Juki, etc. You can even search the exact brand you are looking for to narrow down the search further.

My favorite category is the expertise level category.

I mean, how cool is that?

Instead of selecting a machine blindly because you read great reviews, the site holds your hand depending on your sewing expertise level. 

You can choose between advanced, beginner, and intermediate level, and will sort the sewing machines for you!

The store also allows you to take advantage of special offers so you can save some money. Make sure that you look out for clearance sales only at Walmart sales, among others.

If you thought that's all, think again! The site even allows you to buy sewing machines according to color, material, and customer ratings.

There is absolutely no reason to have a hard time buying sewing machines when Walmart has got you!

4.  Michaels

Michaels is another reputable store for anyone looking for sewing and craft supplies. For anyone who has shopped on, we can all agree that quality is guaranteed. 

The same goes for sewing machines. The site offers a wide variety of sewing machines for purchase. You can choose sewing machines from different brands, types, and prices.

The site allows shoppers to filter their search by brand, size, color, customer rating, and machine price. Under the category of prices, you can choose from machines under $100, $100-$250, and $500-$1000.

The shop stocks limited brands, including singer, brother, loops and threads, and Janome. You can also view sewing machines depending on how the other buyers have rated.

Unlike the other stores we have mentioned, Michaels is not big on variety. The brands and types of sewing machines offered in the store are limited. 

When shopping on Michaels, you'll want to take full advantage of their deals and special offers.

The store holds several instore and online sales frequently. These deals will help you save your money for other sewing needs.

5. Sears

Sears made our list, thanks to the variety of products the store offers. Apart from a variety, the store provides high-quality sewing machines and other sewing accessories. 

The store allows you to refine your search depending on the type of sewing machines, brand, pricee, customer ratings, color, new arrivals, etc.

You will find embroidery machines, computerized sewing machines, sergers, mechanical, compact, and electronic machines under the type of sewing machine.

The store stocks various brands such as Janome, Juki, Madeira, Singer, Grace, and Kenmore.

You can check out all of the user ratings on different machines before you buy a sewing machine. If you are on a budget, you don't need to worry. Sears offers different prices for machines.

There are also other subcategories to refine your searches, such as bobbin type, needle bar position, and an automatic needle threader. Ensure you take advantage of store sales and discounts at better prices. 

Like the other stores mentioned in this post, Sears has tons of deals, coupons, and offers quite often, which is something to look out for. 

We love that this store offers a wide variety of machines. If you live for offers and discounts, you will love the discount category. The category takes you straight to sewing machines with different discounts.

So, now that you know where to buy great sewing machines, it's good that you also know the features to look for.

Oh and just so you know...

We have a full 10 step guide to buying a Sewing Machine that walks you through how to find the right sewing machine for your sewing projects.  If you’re clueless on where to start, you should check it out!

3 Things to Consider When Purchasing A Sewing Machine

1.  Price

Sewing machines are not cheap. However, some are more budget-friendly than others. Primary sewing machines suitable for everyday use like sewing garments and home decor. 

These are the most affordable sewing machines. More advanced machines, such as computerized and embroidery sewing machines, are the most expensive. 

Even as you strive to save your coins and take advantage of sales and discounts, you also need to ensure you do not compromise on quality.

2.  Experience level

How experienced are you with sewing machines? Some machines will be of excellent service while you are still green in sewing. 

A general-purpose machine like the Brother XM2701 is more suited for beginners. Once you have developed your skills, you can always upgrade to a more advanced sewing machine like the Brother CS6000i.

If you are a pro, there are high-quality advanced machines like the Brother HC1850 will to get the job done.

3.  Features and accessories

A sewing machine with different features will allow you more use. High-end sewing machines usually come with more features and accessories than low-priced ones. Some must-have features include;

  • Needle up and down to hold the needle in the up or down point
  • Needle threader
  • Needle position adjustment
  • Lightning
  • Adjustable speed control
  • Needle position adjustment. 


There are many places you can get a sewing machine, including shops in your local area. You can even buy a second-hand sewing machine but remember, quality is vital. We recommend Amazon or Walmart for everything you need for sewing. 

You are guaranteed quality and the store offers very friendly prices, as well as deals and discounts. 

As we conclude the top 5 places to buy a sewing machine in 2020, we hope the article has helped you figure out where to start.

Check out all the stores before deciding on one. Ensure you compare the prices and deals to get the best deal.

Happy shopping!


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