Brother SE400 Computerized Sewing Machine Review

Thanks for checking out our Brother SE400 Computerized Sewing Machine Review. Call it futuristic. I prefer labeling the Brother SE600 computerized sewing machine a perfect blend of innovation, technology, and art.

Its ranking as one of the best computerized sewing stations hasn’t come easy.  The Brother manufacturing department has done all that’s in their power, to present sewing enthusiasts with this ultimate package.

Regardless of your sewing experience, the Brother SE600 comes with all it takes to bring your sewing and embroidery expertise to a whole new zone. So, how about a comprehensive dive into its functioning?

The functioning of the Brother SE600 computerized sewing machine is greatly inspired by that of the Brother SE350. Apart from unique stitches, cool embroidery patterns and incredible presser feet, the working of the Brother SE600 proves that this is not just any other sewing and embroidery machine.

Its futuristic sewing features allow it to provide excellent performance with negligible jamming and thread issues. The Brother SE600 is incredibly easy to assemble and has a ton of features that make sewing projects easy peasy.

Using the Brother SE600 is extremely simplified through some unique interface features like a start and stop buttong and a push-button slicer. Also, did we mention that the maximum speed of the Brother SE600 is 710 stitches per minute?

What are the Benefits of using the Brother SE600 Computerized Sewing Machine?

Some of the excellent  features that come with this computerized sewing machine are:

  • Embroidery patternsThe Brother SE600 comes with 70 inbuilt embroidery designs. They include roses, flowers, animals, birds, plants, and flower baskets. Yours is to select your preferred embroidery pattern. The machine guides its user through the whole process of completing a selected pattern.
  • 67 in-built stitches as well as ten distinct settings of 1-step buttonholes – The built-in stitches in the Brother SE600 include a clear assortment of Zigzag, smocking, patchwork, quilting, eyelet, decorative, BlindHem, overcasting, straight, applique, side cutter, Heirloom, and stretch.
  • Letter fonts – The five included fonts are utilized in monogramming or during embroidery stitching. The styles include Outline, Calligraphy, Sans Serif, Gothic, and Serif. The fonts come with varying character types including numbers, lower case, and upper case letters, symbols, as well as European characters.
  • Computerized LCD C panel – The featured modern panel lets you perform the setting and stitch selection operations. You can quickly go through the available stitch patterns to identify your favorite, select it through a simple press, and all the options and settings associated with the particular stitch will appear.


  • Exceptional Presser feet – The inclusion of 8 distinct snap-on presser feet in the Brother SE400 makes it an outstanding tool. The presser feet includes a Buttonhole Foot, Monogramming foot, Embroidery foot, Zipper foot, Zigzag foot, Button fitting foot and a Blind stitch.

What others are Saying About the Brother SE600 Computerized Sewing Machine?

Average User Rating: 4.6

On Amazon, the Brother SE600 computerized sewing and embroidery machine boasts having over 2000 reviews from true buyers.

What’s more encouraging is that the reports are extremely encouraging. Its working is on point while its excellent usability is a clear sign that the sewing and embroidering industry is about to rise to a whole new level through technology.

Key Benefits to using the Brother SE600 Computerized Sewing Machine

  • Reasonable and affordable price (this is the lowest priced sewing and embroidery machine we have come across)
  • USB port connectivity ( You can now search the web using your PC for unique embroidering designs)
  • Excellent fonts (this sewing machine comes equipped with 5 fonts)
  • Ease of use
  • Thread cutter
  • Automatic needle threader

What types of sewing projects can the Brother SE400 Computerized Sewing Machine be used for?

Well, its ability to do it all- garment building, craft sewing, heirloom sewing, embroidery, quilting and mending-sets it apart from the various competitive brands on the market. You can utilize the Brother SE600 for any sewing project. It will design even the toughest fabric with ease.

Wrapping It Up

If you are looking for an affordable computerized sewing and embroidery machine for your sewing projects, the Brother SE400 machine may be just what you need.

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