20+ Amazon Must Haves for Sewing Room Spaces

Hey there and welcome to our round up and list of 20 Amazon must haves for sewing room decor, lighting and storage.  

If you are looking for stylish and beautiful pieces from Amazon that you can add to your sewing room then you've landed on the right post.

In this post we’ve rounded up a list of 20 Amazon must haves for your sewing room that you can use to create a stylish, yet functional sewing space.   

Along with these suggestions we’ve provided some insightful reviews that people have left regarding these suggested pieces.

We’ve also narrowed these pieces down by category (I.e Sewing Room Furniture, Decor, Lighting and more in a nifty table of contents)

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Our Favorite Amazon Must Haves for Sewing Rooms

Sewing Desks and Furniture

Finding the right furniture to add to your sewing room can be challenging.  Here is our list of Amazon must haves for sewing desks and furniture that will help you create a functional and inviting workspace for your room.

#1: Sauder Miscellaneous Storage Sewing Craft Cart

This Sauder craft desk with storage is the perfect addition to any sewing room or space.  This desk has extra storage bins that you can use to store your sewing supplies and accessories, two adjustable shelves and  based on multiple reviews is very sturdy.

Power reviewOverall the construction of this table/cart is very sturdy. Easy assembly. TONS of storage. Looks great - but I updated the knobs and upgraded the wheels to bigger wheels.

#2: TOPSKY L-Shaped Desk Corner Computer Desk

Raking in over 800+ reviews on Amazon, the Topsky L-Shaped Desk is perfect for sewing spaces with a corner layout.  

It has more than enough top space that you can use to store your sewing machine and use for all types of sewing projects. Plus, this desk is super cute and comes in several different color choices. 

These three desks are without a doubt great Amazon must haves for sewing room furniture.

Power reviewIf you’re looking for a work desk, look no further, go buy this desk. I work from home and needed a big work space and I’m so happy with this. It’s absolutely perfect

#3: Sew Ready Eclipse Hobby Sewing Center Sewing Craft Table 

If you’re looking for a comfortable yet affordable sewing space, then consider using the Sew Ready Hobby Sewing Craft table.  

This sewing table will work in almost any space and is the perfect addition to your sewing and craft space.

Power reviewThis table is out all the time as takes up little space, so it means I can do some sewing whenever I have a spare half an hour.

#4: Arrow H8140 Adjustable Height Hydraulic Sewing and Craft Chair

What's a sewing room without a great sewing chair? Well friends, if you're looking for the perfect sewing chair for your sewing space, then this one has you covered.

The Arrow H8140 is ranked as one of the most popular and comfortable sewing chairs via Amazon. What we love is that there are tons of fun designs to choose from with this chair that will add a lot of flair and personality to your sewing space.

Power reviewMy most favorite chair ever! I have back issues. But this chair is like magic! Worth the price.

Storage Boxes

Every sewing room needs storage.  These storage solutions will help you create an organized and effective sewing space -- affordably.

#5: June Tailor Cone Thread Rack

If you’ve got thread hanging around everywhere in your sewing room or just need a better way to keep your thread organized, then this thread rack has you covered.

It’s the perfect resource that will help you keep your sewing room in order.

Power reviewGreat product, exactly what I was looking for to help organize my small sewing room. Perfect for standard serging thread

#6:  Royexe - Storage Cubes 

These storage cubes from Roxeye make organization easy peasy. What we love is that these bins come with labels to organize your sewing room like a pro, are available in assorted colors and can be paired with storage shelve units like this one

Power reviewDurable boxes that are perfect for organizing. Perfect size and a great value! I will definitely order more as we need them. They also don't have an overpowering or unpleasant order like some of the boxes I've ordered from other manufacturers. They come with free labels that slip into the side and have a cute design, but if you want, you can flip them over and the backs are plain white, without a design.

#7: IRIS USA TB-28 Stack & Pull Box

Need some plastic storage boxes to make the most of a limited space in your sewing room? If you do, then these stackable storage bins have you covered

If you want a sturdier type of storage bin to add to your sewing space, consider grabbing these. 

Power reviewI bought these to help organize my sewing room, and they're perfect for smaller projects. Two stack perfectly inside an IKEA Kallax cubbyhole

Shelving and Storage Units

Storage is an essential part of any sewing space. Here is a list of our suggestions for affordable yet stylish shelving units that you can add to your room. 

#8:  Hobby Craft Pegboard Organizer Storage

Adding a resource like this epic hobby craft pegboard organizer to your sewing room will keep a lot of sewing accessories and tools organized and in order.   This pegboard comes equipped with hooks, shelves, brackets and pins that will make organizing your room easier.

Power reviewCrafters dream! My craft room is also a guest room so while I do have lots of drawer space, it’s nice to be able to leave a few drawers for the guests. 

#9: Wide Drawer Dresser Storage Organizer

This wide dresser storage organizer is a decorative piece that will add functionality to your sewing room. This dresser is ideal for small spaces such as a sewing space and will add a stylish touch to your room.

Power reviewVery sturdy, very easy to assemble, presentable.

#10: Industrial Bookshelf 

We absolutely adore this industrial bookshelf.  It has 5 different shelves on it which is perfect for storing all kinds of items in your sewing room.

As you can see from the picture above, you can add all types of decor to the shelf to spice up your sewing rooms design ...on a budget.  

Power reviewGreat shelf unit. The pictures make the metal look a bit brown/grey so I had reached out the seller with concerns, but when it got here, the metal is black, which is exactly what I was looking for. It's looks and feels extremely high quality and was super easy to put together.

Sewing Room Decor

Adding nice decor to your sewing room doesn’t have to be expensive.  Here’s a quick list of items that you can add to your space that will take your room from bland to “beautiful

#11: Sindcom 8x10 Picture Frames (Set of 3)

These picture frames are perfect for displaying things like motivational quotes, pictures and more in your sewing room.

The best part about these frames is that they are affordable and come in a set of 3 which gives you a great bang for your buck!

Power reviewThese are great picture frames. They're sturdy, of good quality, and the price was good. 

#12: Inspirational Phrases Set of 3 Art Print

Adding motivational quotes like these to your walls is a great way to spice up your sewing room decor.  

Installing these into picture frames and adding them to your walls is a great way to stay inspired while you sew. 

Power reviewThese are super nice. They are coated so they are sturdier and can be used alone as-is or framed.

#13:  Plastic Eucalyptus Plants

These eucalyptus plants will easily add a stylish and decorative flair to your sewing space.

Want to know the best part: they are low maintenance decor.  Adding these to your sewing desk, or even a bookshelf in your sewing room will surely jazz up the space.

Power reviewThis was super easy to put together - the instructions are simple and to-the-point, but I feel like even without instructions, the assembly would be pretty easy to figure out.

#14:  Bohemian Chic Glam Paisley Area Rug

Want to dress up the floors in your sewing room? No problemo.  This gorgeous paisley area rug will transform your room and take it from boring to beautiful.  

With multiple designs to choose from, this rug is just one of several chic designs that you can find on Amazon to decorate your sewing room with.

Power reviewLove the colors in this rug. The ivory is not too yellow. At first I was a little leery of the teal, but now I love the extra pop it adds to the color scheme.

#15: Grommet Curtains

If you’re looking for a pair of inexpensive window treatments to add to your sewing room, these textured curtains will do the trick. They are available in 12 different colors and would add pizzazz to any sewing room.

Now, another alternative is to whip out your sewing machine, choose some great fabric and create a pair of curtains for your room.  

Power reviewThis is the second set of curtains I have purchased. I bought a set 3 years ago and they are amazing high quality curtains. They look very elegant, hotel quality. They are heavy weight curtains with a black out lining. Even the lining is a soft but heavy weight material.

#16: Elegant Window Treatment Single Curtain Rods

What's a great pair of window treatments without a curtain rod? If you’re looking for a great pair of curtain rods, we recommend checking these out

With more than 1800 positive reviews, these 48 to 84 inch curtain rods are the perfect choice for displaying your curtains beautifully.

Power reviewThe metal is thick enough that even heavy blackout drapes won't make the rod sag. Very neutral; a satisfactory balance between cheap and nice 

#17: Quartet Magnetic Whiteboard, 17" x 23

When you’re sewing different projects there are bound to be times where you will need to jot down notes regarding your projects.  Well when you do, this Quartet Magnetic Whiteboard is perfect for it.

Based on the reviews, this board is easy to clean, hangs easily and is a must-have for any office or sewing space.

Power reviewThis board surprised me. We got it for our daughter to play with. It is magnetic for her magnetic letters and shapes, and it is well made and sturdy. 


There’s nothing like having a well lit sewing room. Here are a few suggestions that we have for lighting solutions for your sewing space.

#18:  Addlon Floor Lamp

Great lighting is essential for any sewing space.  This Addlon floor lamp will make a wonderful addition to your room. Its sleek and has a LED bulb (which adds even more light to your space)

Power reviewThis lamp has brought a unique look to my living room. I have placed it next to the love seats. The inclined design gives it a nice look as well as bright light for the area underneath it.

#19:  CO-Z Modern Table Lamps

These sets of 2 CO-Z Modern table lamps will make a fabulous addition to any sewing desk. They are unique, stylish and will undoubtedly add functional and gorgeous lighting to your sewing room.

Power reviewThis cute lamp fits perfectly with my side table! I love its fashion design. I do think it's a high CP product, cause with this price, it comes with 2 lamps 

#20:  Etagere Organizer Storage Shelf Linen Shade Floor Lamp

This Etagere Organizer and Storage shelf floor lamp is the perfect lighting and storage solution for any sewing room.  

We love the fact that this lamp is a multi-functional piece...that you can add stylish decor to plus light up your sewing room with as well.

Power reviewThis great and useful piece, even tho it's just ten inches by tenches and just over five feet tall, does more than looks alone would suggest.

Wrapping up the Post

We hope that you enjoyed this post and our list of 20 Amazon must haves for sewing room decor, lighting, furniture and more.

Please be sure to check out our latest sewing machine reviews and our Sewing Room that Sizzles workbook to learn how to plan, organize and design a sewing space that is totally you! 


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