25+ Sewing Room Ideas for Quilters

Welcome to our roundup post where we are sharing inspiring sewing room ideas for quilters. 

If you are a quilter that wants to redesign your current sewing space or if you’re new to quilting and need design ideas for your room, you’re in luck. 

We’ve rounded up a list of 25+ sewing room design ideas quilters can use for inspiration for your room and and hope that they will inspire your next quilting project.


Before we dive off into the list of quilting rooms, let's first take a look at some of the essentials you will need to add to your room.

Materials And Resources Needed For A Quilting Room

1. A quilting machine

To complete your quilting projects, you will need to use a good sewing machine for quilting. These types of sewing machines are specialty machines designed to handle quilting projects.

2.  A sturdy quilting table or furniture

Image source: Canva (katarzynabialasiewicz)

Choose a quilting and sewing table that's sturdy and will last you a long time. It’s a good idea to choose a table that has storage for your fabric and other accessories you will need access to as you work on projects.

3. Go For A Larger Table

Image source: Pexels (cottonbro)

Generally speaking, you really won’t be able to do much at a small table. Just keeping all of your stuff on top of it will be a hassle. 

Consider using a larger workstation that will give you enough room to add your fabric, sewing machine and materials for your quilting projects to it.

3. Choose A Comfortable Chair

Image source: Upsplash (pacificofficeinterior)

When working on a project, you will probably spend most of your time sitting in front of the machine. 

If your chair is not comfortable enough to support you for long periods of time, it can cause back pain. Using a great ergonomic sewing chair is your best bet. 

Plus, working in a comfy chair will make you more productive and complete projects with ease.

4.  Maximize Wall Space

Image source: (Cutesy Crafts

One thing that wastes space in a working room is the bare walls. 

Instead of looking at boring and bland walls, consider putting up floating shelves to hang extra clothes and fabric.  

This will not only maximize your space but will also save you from any possible tripping on items lying on your way.

5. Great Lighting

Image source: Canva (jupiterimages)

Great lighting is important when it comes to working on quilting projects. A dark room will make it hard for you to see the projects that you are working on.

A well-lit quilting space is essential. Using LED lamps and other bright lights will add warmth to your space and reduce eye strain while you are working on quilting projects. 

While lamps are great, nothing compares to natural lighting if you can add it to your room.  Natural lighting is mood boosting and will make your sewing projects more fulfilling.

6. Add Mood Boards

Image source: Unsplash (alexandralammerink)

Mood boards are a great wall decoration that adds personality to every room. Aside from that, you can always look up to one to seek inspiration for your next quilt.

8. Sewing Kit Organizers

Small items like bobby pins, needles, thimble, and other items that you often need should always be kept around your working table. 

To keep them organized and easy to access, you can always put them in a sewing kit and store them on top of your table so that you can grab them when you need them.

9. Color Scheme

Image source: Canva (leonidyastremskiy)

If you’re the type of person that gets easily distracted by colors and other things, then opting out for a minimal and neutral color scheme will help you focus better.

However, if you want more upbeat and cheerful quilting room, consider using more colorful paint and decor in your room (as displayed by the image above).

11. Greenery

Image source: Pexels (dominikaroseclay)

To dress up your quilting space and add some charm to your room, simple greenery and other plants will go a long way.

They are great when it comes to filling empty spaces too. You can choose bigger plants to put on corners and in front of bare walls, or smaller ones to keep your tabletops filled.

12. Thread Rack

Keeping a thread rack near you with various colors that you’d probably need on your projects will save you a lot of time and effort.

Going back and forth towards the cabinet where you store your threads can be inconvenient and draining on your time. Having a thread rack close to you helps move projects along faster and keeps you organized.

13. Quilting Stand or Ladder

A good quilt rack or ladder is a great resource for storing and displaying your quilts.  These will help keep your room clutter free and organized.

More Tips & Inspiring Sewing Room Ideas for Quilters

Now that we've covered the essential items that you need to add to your quilting room, check out these inspiring sewing room designs for quilters.

1. Scandinavian Design

Image Source: Canva (KatarzynaBialasiewicz)

Wood gives a timeless essence when added to a room, and that is the main focus of the Scandinavian design. The rustic colors help in bringing warmth and the nature-inspired vibes indoors. 

2. Industrial Design

Image source: Canva (gorodenkoff)

If you are living in the city, or just really into the industrial interior, then this style is for you. The exposed brick brings a lot of personality to the space. The natural lighting is also a perfect addition to the room and adds a lot of warmth to it.

3. Center Layout with Wall to Wall Storage

Image source: (Aquiltinglife)

This beautiful quilting room with a center desk and plenty of wall storage is from AQuiltinglife.com.  

We absolutely love the way that they have styled this room.  Theres plenty of storage for fabrics and quilting accesories.  In addition to this, they've added a nice quilt rack to display their quilting projects. 

4. A Hint of Blue

Image source: (agentremonta.ru/)

This beautiful soft blue quilting room has a T-Shaped desk and layout with tons of accessories on top of it.  We love the fact that there is plenty of sewing space on top of the desk for large quilting projects. 

5. Soothing Green Quilting Space

Don't you just love this space? We love this L-shaped sewing space that has plenty of storage and desk space for quilting projects.  

As you can see from the photo, with this type of layout, there is enough space for two sewing machines (a quilting machine and even a serger) for your projects.  The ample wall shelves also make a great addition to this space.

6. Warm Wood Tone Combinations

Image source: (Create Your Perfect Quilting Space eBook)

This quilting space uses a collection of warm wood toned furniture that have plenty of space.  

Notice that there is a desk in the back of the room with tons of storage and at least 3-4 pieces of different furniture put together on the other side to create a U-shaped quilting space.  This is a very clever use of furniture.

7. Mini Quilt Display

Image source: (A Quilting Life)

We discovered this beautiful teal and blue quilting space from AQuiltinglife.com.  This room is small but mighty and has a ton of storage and sewing space that any quilter would love!

8. Bay Window Space

Image source: (nwbob)

What’s great about bay windows is they add so much beauty and space to the room with little to no effort at all. The curvy walls they often come with are a great area to fit your sewing table into.

9. Corner Space

Image source: Canva (antoninapotapenko)

If you prefer to work on smaller spaces, you can still make the best out of it. With the help of multiple wall cabinets to store your materials, wall racks to hang your equipment and finished projects, a table to place your sewing machine, you are good to go.

10. Quilting Space with a Large PegBoard

Image source: (www.livemaster.ru -5)

This beautiful quilting space with the large pegboard is a great example of a space with smaller spaces.  

As you can see, with a space like this you can add plenty of storage racks and etc to your pegboard to store your quilting accessories.

11. Wall to Wall Storage

Image source: (DiaryofaQuilter.com)

We absolutely love the wall to wall storage in this quilting room.  You can see that they basically have built a U-shaped quilting room that has storage shelves around the room and a quilting desk in the middle of the room.  This is the perfect layout for sewing quilts of all sorts.

12. Small Quilting Room with Large Shelving Unit

(Source: DiaryofaQuilter.com)

This is an example of a small but quaint quiltign space with lots of storage for accessories and a large quilting table.

From what we can gather, the quilting table looks to be home made with a large piece of wood and a storage basket in the center of it.  Its the perfect place for storing things like fat quarters for quilts, fabric pieces and more.

13. L-Shaped Room with Lots of Furniture Pieces

Image source: (www.diaryofaquilter.com)

This quilting room from DiaryofaQuilter is a prime example of how you can use tons of mixed pieces of furniture to create a great quilting space.

We love the tall storage shelf on the wall and labeled baskets that are great for organization.  

14. Quilting Space with a Large PegBoard

Image source: (Spring Leaf Studios Colorful Room)

The large sewing and quilting desk from Spring Leaf Studios is using is a great piece for quilters that need a large space for their projects.  

This desk is centered in the room and has plenty of storage for accessories that you will have immediate access to while you work on sewing projects.

15. Large Quilting Room with Lots of Tables and Storage

Image source: (Kathy DRW Quilting)

This quilting space from KathyDRW Quilting looks more like an industrial space but as you can tell from the picture, its a large room with a lot of tables and storage.

The large table in the middle of the room is perfect for putting together and sewing quilts with ease.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope that you enjoyed reading this post and walk away with inspiring ideas for designing your own quilting space.  

Happy Sewing!


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