25 Great Sewing Projects for the Home (Includes Tutorials)

Are you looking for some fun sewing projects for the home?  If yes, then you are in luck, my friends.

Your house interior doesnt have to look plain and dull as long as you have some sewing skills at hand. We have some creative and fun sewing projects for the home that will help give your house a fresh look!

We have everything from bed skirts, pillowcases, and table runners all the way to potholders. These sewing projects are super easy and inspiring for both beginner sewers and sewing experts.

Without wasting time, let’s get right into the list!

#1:   Easy DIY Curtains 

A home furnished with bright, alluring curtains and drapes will always feel warm and welcoming. On the other hand, ready-made curtains and drapes can be expensive.

If you are unwilling to spend your cash on curtains you can easily sew on your own, then this is a home sewing project you will enjoy.

By the end of this sewing project, you will have beautifully made embellishments for your windows.

Source:  The Chronicles of Home

#2:   Placemats

Are you looking for a home décor sewing project doable in an hour? Try out these reversible placemats.

In addition to spicing up your dining room table, you can also use them to create seat cushion pads, reusable shopping bags and more.  

You can also follow this tutorial to sew a gorgeous placemat to add to your dining room table.  Before sewing this placement, make sure to choose some great fabric to make them pop.

Source: SacredThoughtsofaCraftyMom Rag Quilt Placemats

#3: Envelope Throw Pillow

Is there anything better than a soft, snuggly throw pillow? Sewing envelope covers for your throw pillows would be a great sewing project for the home.

You can use this simple design by Hey there home  as an inspiration for making your own simple pillows.

If you are feeling more adventurous, you can add a touch of pompoms and trimming to make your throw pillows more attractive.

Source: HeyThereHome

#4:  DIY Ruffle Pillows

This buttoned ruffle pillow is a great embellishment to plain seats. If you are a sewer who loves trying out adventurous sewing projects, then this one's for you. This project will polish your shadow applique and stitching sewing skills.

The ruffled edges and buttons also improve the visual appeal of the pillow. Whether you use a sewing machine or go the hand stitching way, it is all up to you! Spruce crafts blog has it all figured out for you.

Source: CraftGossip Blog 

#5:  Decorate Your Wall with these Hoops

Hoops are perfect for adorning and accentuating plain walls. Whether it’s Christmas, Easter or an in-house birthday celebration, you can use them to create the perfect mood for the occasion.  

This home sewing project allows you to express your creativity by experimenting with different fabric designs.

Source: Crafts.Tutsplus.com

#6:    Fabric Storage Boxes

Are you out of storage space? Well, you don’t have to worry, as long as you have a few sewing hours to spare.

These fabric storage boxes are ideal for perfecting your sewing skills, and sewing designs you can effortlessly show off.

These storage options will serve two purposes; storage and home décor. Instead of having laundry, toys, stationery, and pillowcases lying about the whole house, you can use these storage bins to stay organized.   You can get the full tutorial from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.

Source: ScatteredThoughtsofaCraftyMom.com

#7: Floor Mat

Just because they are designed for a hard floor doesn’t mean they can’t be modern and sophisticated. Sewing floor mats is one of the fastest and immersive home sewing projects you will come across.

With some strong fabric such as canvas and a frugal yoga mat for the inside, you can have something soft underneath your legs.

You will need strong fabric because floor mats typically fit in spots prone to spillage. This could be under sinks, the garage or in front of the kitchen fridge.

You can choose a vibrant color and print for your mat to make your room appear brighter. Fortunately, the Centsational style blog has a well-outlined tutorial and sewing pattern for this amazing project.

Source: CentsationalStyle.com

#8:  Storage Pockets

Foldable, fabric-sewing pockets can offer additional storage space for your house and particularly for the sewing room.

These hanging organizers are super-easy and fun to make, and allow you to be creative. You can use them to store thread, sewing pins or even scrap fabric. Check out fabric.com for the easy DIY storage pockets patterns and tutorials.

Source: Fabric.com Blog 

#9:  Double Sided Lampshade

Instead of exerting undue strain on your eyes as you read, you can cover your lamp bulbs with a shade.

This particular shade is double-sided and really straightforward to sew. As long as your cutting and measuring skills are great, you should do just fine.  You can join the Lampshade lover's DIY tutorial and begin creating yours.

Source: Feathering the Empty Nest

#10:  Teapot Holder

Strive for a touch of elegance on your breakfast table using these cute teapot holders. They are also great for maintaining your tea hot while saving your fingers from the burns.

You can get the free sewing patterns then follow hello creative's simple DIY guide to sew yours.

Source: HelloCreativeFamily

#11:  Fabric Flower Pots Holders

Are you thinking of getting rid of your old jeans? Well, you don’t have to. This project will help you make good use of any unwanted fabric such as worn-out jeans or canvas.

Also known as fabric planters, this is a great way of challenging yourself as a sewing beginner. The Spoon flower blog has some amazing design ideas that you could experiment with.

Source: SpoonFlower.com

#12:  Art Supply Organizers

These fabric organizers can help store up and display your kids’ artwork supplies without appearing messy. This sewing project makes use of both exterior and interior fabrics, in addition to zippers.

You can also customize your fabric organizer to store sewing supplies such as presser feet and sewing needles.

Through her blog, Martha Stewart offers you a glimpse of how she makes hers via the video tutorial below.

#13:  Organizer Baskets with Liners

Who wouldn’t appreciate a functional home sewing project? With this simple-to-sew basket, you reduce your trips up the stairs as you organize your house.

The basket liner is also very easy to create. By simply clinching one end and folding the other end over the basket edge, you will be good to go.  The pattern and tutorial from So much to sew are also super-easy and fun to work with.

Source: SoMuchSew.BlogSpot.com

#14:  Mattress-Inspired Cushion

If you are one of those people that enjoy relaxing on the front porch, then these pillows will do you tons of good.

This particular home sewing project is a cluster of different creative sewing ideas, and you will get the thrill out of it.  

Through her ennobled crafts blog, Sarah Jean will show you exactly how to make a mattress cushion.

Source: SheHoldsDearly.com

#15:  Kitchen Vinyl Floor Mats

Learn how to make your own DIY vinyl floor mats from this simple blog! All you need are some scrap pieces of vinyl clothing and some basic sewing skills.

This sewing project for the home is so simple that you can re-do it every season if you want.

Source: DIYPassion.com

#16: Table Mats

So, you have that elegant dinner party coming up? You don’t have to serve your guests on a naked dining table. Just like you, dress them up with these classic tablemats, which you can stitch together from doilies.

This home sewing project is one of the simplest and adds great flair to dinner and lunch tables. Get all the materials, patterns and tutorials from Hello Creative Family and pull it off.

Source: HelloCreativeFamily.com

#17:  Simple DIY Duvet Covers

This is the perfect beginner home sewing project. In addition to dressing up your duvet in a beautiful embellishment, you will also be a better sewer once you complete this project successfully.

With two flat sheets of your preferred color and design, you can wave goodbye to pricey ready-made duvet covers.

The best thing is that you can customize your duvet cover to the size you want! If interested, the We all Sew blog has it all figured out for you!

Source: WeAllSew.com

#18:  A Leather Border for your Window Shade

Are you looking to treat your plain windows to an ultra-modern feel? If yes, then this project is perfect for you.   

Learn how to dress up your window in sheer elegance using this nicely made window shade.

Source: HGTV.com

#19:  A Pillow Bed

You don’t have to squeeze all your friends in your bed on your next sleepover. Within a short time, you can sew this cozy and spacious pillow bed.

It is also ideal for reading outside, camping or for your kid’s playing room.  This cozy pillow bed tutorial from dabbles and babbles will help you pull it off quickly.

Source:  DabblesandDabbles.com

#20:  Dish Towels

Since it’s impossible for the kitchen to function without these companions, sewing your own dish towels will be a lifesaver. As long as you can sew straight seams, you will easily pull off this sewing project.

No complex stitches needed, just sewing straight seams and you are set. Besides making them for your kitchen, these dish towels will also be perfect gifts to any cooking enthusiast you know. The really handmade blog has some incredible ideas to help you out.

Source: ReallyHandMade.com

#21:  Euro Pillow Shams

Are you looking for a sewing project for the home that you can do in under 30 minutes? If yes, then consider creating some Euro Pillow shams for your bed.

Follow this step-by-step tutorial from Domestic Imperfection and start sewing gorgeous euro pillow shams to spice up your bedroom decor.

Source: DomesticImperfection.com

#22:  Sew a Petal Pillow

When it comes to decorative throw pillows, you can never have enough. One solution to spending your bucks buying every pillow that you find appealing is making your own decorations.

These petal pillows by cluck cluck sew will look lovely on your living room couch. You can use them to alter your homes’ feel by using different colors for the petals.

Source: CluckCluckSew.com

#23:  Table Runner Sewing Project

If you have mastered all the basic sewing skills and are now ready to give projects that are more complex a shot, then this one will suit you.

This home sewing project involves choosing some great fabric, then creating a simple runner with it. Sew Much Ado will show you how.

Source: SewMuchAdo.com

#24:  Sew an Apron

Are you a messy cook? This simple DIY apron will help protect your clean clothes from kitchen dirt. is probably the simplest sewing project for the home.

If you have any leftover fabric from past sewing projects, you can utilize them to design a well-fitting, kitchen apron. You can check out Happy Family Art blog for some fun apron ideas.

Source: HappyFamilyArt.com

#25:  Bed Skirt

Does your bedroom look plain? A custom-made bed skirt that blends with your preferred bedroom style is the way to go.  A well-made bed skirt will serve as a bedroom decoration as well as a bedcover.  

In addition, you will only need standard sewing supplies for this home sewing project, making it perfect for beginner sewists.  For a start, you can try out this simple bed skirt design by make it and love it.

Source:  Make-ItLoveIt.com

To Sum Things Up

The above projects are suitable for helping you master your sewing skills, as you decorate your home.

We hope that you enjoyed this round up and list of 25 fun sewing projects for the home.  Hopefully they will get you inspired to start creating some awesome DIY projects to dress up your home.

Happy sewing!


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