Singer Quantum Stylist TOUCH 9985 Sewing Machine

  • Singer Quantum Stylist TOUCH 9985 Sewing Machine
  • Singer Quantum Stylist TOUCH 9985 Sewing Machine

Meet the Singer Quantum Stylist 9985- The sewing machine that every visionary and prospective sewer is taking about. Featuring an advanced functionality, the Singer Quantum Stylist TOUCH 9985 is a clear sign that, in no time, sewing will be an incredibly easy and exciting process, thanks to technology.

A clear and comprehensive dive into its working should serve you right as an explanation of what we mean. Without delay, let’s get to see what this prolific sewing machine has to offer:

The Singer Quantum Stylist 9985 is designed and engineered for simplicity, durability, and excellent sewing speed. Its built-in sewing essentials are impressive.

All controls are abstracted through an easy to use, extra-large, Touch, Color LCD screen. Through the LCD display, you can easily and clearly view and alter the stitch settings, as it indicates all the available stitches together with their images

This sewing machine comes with over 960 built-in stitches. They include: 10 essential, 919 decorative, 21 stretch, 13 buttonholes among others.

The included stitch reference chart on this machine indicates all the available stitches for easy selection. The chart is fitted in the upper lid.

Key Benefits to using the Singer Quantum Stylist TOUCH 9985 Computerized sewing machine ?

  • Broad stitch collection- More than you will ever require: With more than 900 built-in stitches, your sewing will grow to a whole new level. As mentioned above, in this sewing machine, there are ten core stitches for mending and construction, 21 stretch stitches, designed to move with the fabric, and 919 decorative
  • Make buttonholes with ease: With 13 built-in buttonhole styles, you can now develop beautiful and sharp buttonholes with ease. Never again, make buttonholes from scratch. The buttonhole-making process is entirely automated to a one-step process in the Singer Quantum Stylist TOUH 9985.
  • Enjoy using the Full-control LCD: The extra-large, colored offers you all the necessary refinement choices. You can now select your preferred- stitch, stitch length, stitch width, thread tension. Again, the machine will recommend a presser foot for your settings.
  • Mirror imaging as well as elongation:  With this machine, you can now edit the built-in stitches or develop your stitches from scratch. You can modify the length of a given stitch to be up to 5 times longer. Again, with the ability to edit stitches, you will grow your creativity to a significant degree.

What types of sewing projects can the Singer Quantum Stylist TOUCH 9985 Computerized sewing machine be used for?

With the Singer 9985 computerized sewing machine, you can now personalize your projects in the best way through the built-in 6 styles of numerals and alphabets. Your outputs will always come with a feel of creativity as you can now add a monogram, phrase, date or name in five standard styles and 1 Cyrillic style.

This advanced computerized sewing machine suits any project you throw at it. Its high but variable sewing speed allows it to punch even the thick layered materials with ease.

Whether you are planning to make clothes, rucksacks, sofa covers, backpacks, among others, this sewing machine will suit your needs appropriately.

Begin to do art and craft, quilting, monogramming, free-motion embroidery, cool designs, and other works with this sewing machine that will never suppress your efforts.

What Others are Saying About the Singer Quantum Stylist TOUCH 9985 Computerized sewing machine?

Average User Rating: 4.3

Considering what the users of a given sewing machine have to say about its performance is always a wise decision. With over 1700 reviews from legit users on Amazon, one can learn a lot about the quality of this sewing machine by just reading the user feedbacks.

Many seem to be very satisfied with its performance, ease of use, and versatility. For its price, its build is more than incredible. You won’t find a better deal for your money.

“Hundreds of priceless features, quality output, ultra-durability, versatility and ease of use are some of the traits that make the Singer Quantum Series TOUCH 9985 a superb choice for the home sewers.”

9.8 Total Score

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